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End-Time Prophetic Vision Reveals 'Satan and God Revival'

Has The End Come? Satan's & God's Revival

Dr. Mark Barclay prophesied about a coming revival in both kingdoms of light and darkness. (Facebook)

The following is an end-time vision given to an established, seasoned minister of the gospel, Dr. Mark Barclay, and told in his own words. My heart was quickened when I read it and I thought: "This vision needs to be circulated to the body of Christ worldwide for we are seeing the increasing effects of it being unfolded in this hour, although it was given more than 25 years ago."

If you are skeptical of these things I would encourage you to listen to your heart as you read it and allow the Holy Spirit to bear witness with you.

"But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you know all things. ... But the anointing which you have received from Him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. For as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and just as it has taught you, remain in Him" (1 John 2:20, 27)

Here then is the vision told in the minister's own words:

"In 1987 I was a speaker at a camp meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I spoke during the Thursday evening service. Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin spoke during the Friday evening service. I remember that I had just flown in from meetings in Paris, France. I mentioned to my wife how much I would like to stay and hear Dr. Hagin speak. She agreed.

As Dr. Hagin entered the pulpit, he began to pray in tongues. When he started, I started. A moment later, I was caught up in a vision (I was told later that it was probably more like a trance). As I went into this vision, I remember how Dr. Hagin's voice was getting quieter and quieter, until I could hear him no more. It was so quiet all around me I felt like I could hear my own heartbeat.

All of a sudden I felt evil, as if it were surrounding me. Anger rose up in me, and fear tried to get a grip on me. Suddenly, something caught my attention out of my left eye. I turned hard to the left to see what it was. I saw the circumference of the earth, from one edge to the other, and this horrible black, dark cloud was rising up over the horizon. Somehow I knew it would eventually fill the entire earth.

An alarm went off in me, screaming to me to run away from it as fast as I could. I felt like I should scream at it, to stop it in its tracks by using the name of Jesus. I began to rebuke it and started to say, "In the name of Jesus ... " I didn't quite get it out, and the Lord said, "That will do you no good."

"What?" I said.

The Lord said, "Son, you cannot use My name to stop what I prophesied. I am not causing this dark cloud, but I did prophesy it would happen in the last days."

I remember in the vision that I asked the Lord "What is this? What is this evil, tempestuous, dark cloud?"

The Lord said, "This is what I showed My prophet, Isaiah (Isa. 61:1-2). This is every evil thing you can name. It is every demon, it is every disease, it is sickness and bacterial attacks that haven't even been discovered yet. It will cause humans to do things to humans that aren't even human. It is filled with insanity, and many people will lose their mind and their faculties. It is murder, terror, rape, abuse, terrorism, torture and much worse. It is filled with deceptions, heresies, perversions and filth."

Some things the Lord showed me I have not had permission to speak.

I also saw people—many, many people. Some were running into the dark cloud, and some were being sucked into it. It reminded me of this very powerful Shop-vac I have. It will not only suck up the dirt but also my tools, if I don't pay attention.

I saw may people screaming with terror and actually being dragged into this cloud. Though they were refusing it and resisting it with all their strength, they still did not possess the power to stop it.

I was so disturbed when I saw a cross on someone's pocket or jewelry. I remember saying to the Lord, "Who are those people being drawn into this filth and terror, wearing the Christian symbol of the cross? Who are these people, not even resisting? And who are these people, resisting with all their might but it does them no good? They just keep disappearing into this horrible, evil cloud of gross darkness."

The Lord answered me and said, "Oh, these are those who do not have clean hands and a pure heart. They have been warned but ignored the warnings. Some even wanted this filth as their lifestyle."

I asked, "Well, who are these wearing the cross?"

"Oh," the Lord said, "These are the people who claim Me as Savior. Many of them have desired this filth and even fought for it. They make excuses but are not excused. The ones who are resisting thought My prophets were exaggerating and from the old school, and they denied the warnings. Now that this evil has come, they possess little to no power, and certainly not enough to resist and overcome this horrible onslaught of enemy power. Only those with clean hands and a pure heart will be able to totally resist this. It will cover the earth."

There was much more to this, but I began to come out of the vision and once again heard Brother Hagin speaking in tongues from the pulpit.

I asked my wife what had happened, and she said, "Nothing, he hasn't done anything but pray in the spirit."

I began to realize that nobody seemed to see this vision or get caught up into this trance but me. I held my wife's hand a little tighter and began to pray fervently in the spirit. As I did, I got caught up in the spirit again.

Just like before, Brother Hagin's voice got quieter and quieter until it was gone. I found myself alone again. It was so quiet I could hear my own heartbeat. Suddenly, a piercing light hit the corner of my right eye. It was so bright that I instantly shrouded my head with my hands and arms. It reminded me of the intense light that my optometrist uses to examine the back of my eyes. Actually, it was much brighter than that.

Everything within me said, "Turn and look into it. Turn now, and run into it." Yet there was this hesitation because it was so bright it seemed to shine through me. Finally I gave in to it and looked directly at it. With both eyes I saw the depth of this bright cloud. Just like the dark cloud I had seen before, it was coming up over the horizon of the earth. I could tell that it was going to cover the planet. I just knew that I knew that nothing could stop it.

I remembered asking the Lord, "What is this? What is this massive, earth-consuming, bright cloud?"

The Lord answered me and said, "Oh, this is My glory. This is the glory cloud that I showed My prophet Isaiah (Isa. 61:1-2). This is what I promised, that My glory will fill the whole earth."

"Well," I asked, "what is inside the cloud?"

"It is filled with the greatest miracles humans have ever seen. It is filled with healing for every disease, and a cure for every sickness. It is power to overcome sin and filth—to receive the truth and reject error, heresy and doctrines of demons. It is a full manifestation of My Spirit. It is the full anointing of Jesus Christ and more, much more."

He showed me other things that I have no permission to speak at this time.

I saw people in this vision, just like before with the cloud of darkness. Many, many people were running into it and almost frolicking in it. It was like my first response—too bright to behold, and then I wanted to run into it. There were those who seemed to want to pull away from this glory cloud.

"Lord, who will enter into this great glory of God and enjoy this awesome power?" I asked.

"Those who have a pure heart and clean hands," the Lord answered. "They are the ones who will escape the horrible vacuum of the evil, dark cloud and be consumed with My glory. I will require you to tell these things to My people at an appointed time."

Now is that time! As I travel the world over, I see both of these manifestations happening. In fact, I see them beginning to intensify. Sometimes I say that both God and Satan are having a revival among men. We will now see more and more people running to each cloud, causing a great gulf or divide. Could this be the separation of sheep and goats, or the separation of wheat and tares?

I am not a conspiracy-theory person. I am not a fear-based preacher. I am not a prophet of doom. So what I am about to say is none of these. But, I am actually witnessing the spirits of the Antichrist, prepping the people of the earth (including many church goers) for the arrival of the Antichrist himself. I see demons (spirits of the Antichrist) going throughout all the earth. They are slowly re-programming the minds of men (doctrines of demons) to systematically disassemble the work of Christ and disengage the army of God.

You can avoid this, if you choose. If you choose not to, you will suffer the consequences. Please don't do that!" —Dr. Mark Barclay (

Bert M. Farias, revivalist and founder of Holy Fire Ministries, is the author of several books including the newly released My Son, My Son - a beautiful father-son journey co-written with his son Daniel for the purpose of enriching and empowering parents to train their children in God's ways. He is also the co-host of the New England Holy Ghost Forum, a school of the Spirit. Follow him at Bert Farias and Holy Fire Ministries on Facebook or @Bertfarias1 on Twitter.

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Dangers In Prophetic Ministry

5 Warning Signs That Prophetic Ministry Has Gone Awry

By Eddie L. Hyatt

Prophetic ministry has great potential for blessing and building up the people of God. But when abused and misused, it has the same potential to trouble and destroy. In order to derive the greatest benefit from prophetic ministry, we need both the guidelines of Scripture and the lessons from history to point the way.

The following information is drawn from a document written around 1560 by Obe Philips, a leader in the 16th-century Anabaptist movement that sought the restoration of New Testament Christianity. Philips was commissioned as an "apostle" in this movement, and he commissioned others to this "office." The document, entitled "Confessions," describes events in Europe in the 1530s. From this document I have delineated five warning signs from their experience that can help us avoid the tragic mistakes that produced such great suffering and distress for them.

Warning Sign #1

When prophecy is used to enhance the status of a movement and its leaders

1517-1537 was a very exciting time for many Christians in Europe. A great spiritual reformation was under way and many believed that God was restoring the church to its original purity and power. Many believed that out of this restoration would come a great revival and harvest that would usher in the coming of the Lord and the end of the age.

In the midst of this end-time, revival atmosphere, individuals began to arise proclaiming themselves to be special end-time apostles and prophets endowed by God with miraculous power to usher in His kingdom upon the Earth.

One of the most prominent of these "apostles" was Melchoir Hoffman, a powerful preacher and teacher who gained a large following. His status was further enhanced when a prophetess saw in a vision a large white swan, larger and more beautiful than all the others, swimming in a beautiful river. She claimed it was revealed to her that the swan was Hoffman and that he represented the fulfillment of God's promise in Mal. 4:5 to send Elijah before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

Biblical Insight: We must remember the words given to John by the creature at his side in Revelation 19:10. Overwhelmed at the sight of a vast heavenly host worshipping and praising God, John fell at the feet of his heavenly escort to worship him, who immediately stopped him and said, See that you do not do that. Worship God! For it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus. And in John 16:13 Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit would come, He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is mine and declare it to you. Beware of anyone who uses prophecy to promote themselves, their ministry or their teaching. The Holy Spirit has come lift up Jesus and draw all humanity unto Him.

Warning Sign #2

When prophecy becomes the primary means for determining the will of God

Another individual prophesied that Hoffman would be imprisoned for six months in the city of Strasbourg and, after that, his ministry would spread over the whole world. Based on the prophecy, Hoffman moved to Strasbourg where he began to preach and teach throughout that city.

The first part of the prophecy was fulfilled when the Strasbourg authorities arrested Hoffman and had him imprisoned. Philips says that he entered the prison "willingly, cheerfully, and well comforted," convinced that the latter part of the prophecy would now soon come to pass.

While in prison, Hoffman wrote many letters which Philips says came every day describing "how his actions, his visions and revelations affected him." One individual prophesied that at the end of his six month imprisonment, Hoffman would depart Strasbourg with 144,000 true apostles endowed with such miraculous power that no one would be able to resist them. Elated with such prophetic predictions, Hoffman vowed that he would take no food other than bread and water until the time of his deliverance.

Six months passed, however, and he was not released. More time elapsed and he found it necessary to break his fast. Hoffman eventually died in prison, a very disillusioned man. Philips says;

Everything that he so boldly professed from the prophets and prophetesses, he, in the end, found it all falsehood and deception, in fact and in truth; and he was so deceived with all their visions, prophecies, commission, dreams, and Elijah role that my heart today feels pity for his on account of this distress of his soul.

Biblical Insight: It is clear from Scripture that personal prophecy is not for giving direction in life. There is not a single example of such in the New Testament. The only example of a personal prophecy giving direction is in Acts 21:4 where certain disciples,by the Spirit, told Paul, who was on his way to Jerusalem, not to go up to Jerusalem. What did Paul do? He ignored what they said and continued on to Jerusalem. Prophecy must confirm what we already know in our heart and Paul had already purposed in the Spirit to go to Jerusalem (Acts 19:21).

Warning Sign #3

When prophecy is preoccupied with images, numbers and symbols

Prophetic dreams and visions flourished in this movement. These dreams and visions predicted many remarkable things related to the establishing of God's kingdom and the destruction of the wicked. Much of this information was given in symbolic form which had to be interpreted by those who were "spiritual." Philips says,

One came dragging a wagon without wheels, another wagon had three wheels, one wagon had no shaft, some no horses, some no recognizable driver, some had but one leg, some were lepers and beggars, some wore a tunic or a cloak with a lappet of fur. All this they could interpret for the brethren in a spiritual sense

These prophecies, dreams and visions predicted remarkable successes for the people of God, including a super-empowerment of the Spirit by which they would be enabled to overcome the wicked and establish the kingdom of God in the earth. In his very moving account of these matters, Philips says,

Now when these teachings and consolation with all the fantasies, dreams, revelations and visions daily occurred among the brethren, there was no little joy and expectation among us, hoping all would be true and fulfilled, for we were all unsuspecting, innocent, simple, without guile or cunning, and were not aware of any false visions, prophets, and revelations.

Biblical Insight: In the New Testament God communicates very clearly and precisely to His people. When He spoke to Ananias in a vision about going and praying for Paul, God gave him precise instructions (Acts 9:10-12). He told Ananias the name of the man he was to pray for, the name of the man in whose house Paul was staying and the precise street address. When God does speak in a symbol or image, it is for the purpose of communicating a more clear and vivid message. It is never done as a riddle that must be searched out and solved. God wants to communicate clearly with His children.

Warning Sign #4

When those prophesying are not open to testing and/or correction

During this time, two new apostles arrived in Philips' home town of Leeuwarden. They declared that they had been commissioned to the apostolic office with such signs, miracles and workings of the Spirit that words failed them to describe it. They also declared that, "In a short time God would rid the earth of all shedders of blood and all tyrants and the godless" (Philips, 216).

Philips says that they frightened the people so that no one dared speak against them for fear they would be speaking against the commission and ordination of God. "For we were all guileless children and had no idea that our own brethren would betray us."

Biblical Insight: False prophets are unteachable and unwilling for their prophecies to be evaluated and tested, as Scripture commands. Virtually every time New Testament Scriptures speak of prophecy, they also speak of evaluating and testing the prophecy, which is the responsibility of every believer. I Thessalonians 5:19-21, for example, says, Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is God. I Corinthians 14:29 says, Let two or three prophets speak and let the others judge. And in this same vein of thought, I John 4:1 says, Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Sign #5

When prophecy becomes a replacement for the Scriptures and common sense

The tragic end of this prophetic movement came when, based on dreams, visions, prophecies, and supposed angelic visitations, a number of these visionaries claimed that God had designated the city of Munster as the New Jerusalem and from there the kingdom of God would spread through all the earth. Philips says, "Some had spoken with God, others with angels—until they got a new trek under way to Munster." Based on the prophecies and supposed visions, they went to Munster and took the city by force from the Catholics who controlled it and renamed it New Jerusalem.

The Catholics, however, quickly regrouped and regained control of the city. They wasted no time in inflicting a terrible slaughter on those apostles, prophets and their followers who believed they were setting up the kingdom of God on the earth.

This whole fiasco resulted in widespread persecution of all Anabaptists who were hunted down, imprisoned, hanged, burned, and drowned. Philips later lamented his role in the extremes of this movement. He wrote,

It is this which is utter grief to my heart and which I will lament before my God as long as I live, before all my companions, as often as I think of them. At the time that I took leave of those brethren, I had warned Menno and Dietrich and declared my [apostolic] commission unlawful and that I was therein deceived. I thank the gracious and merciful God who opened my eyes, humbled my soul, transformed my heart, captured my spirit, and who gave me to know my sins. And when I still think of the resigned suffering which occurred among the brethren, my soul is troubled and terrified before it.

Biblical Insight: In Psalm 119:105 David said, Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. When Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness to doubt His identity, He responded to each temptation with, It is written, and then quoted the appropriate passage of Scripture. John Wesley, who saw many unusual spiritual manifestations as the leader of the 18th-century Methodist revival, said, "Try all things by the written word, and let all bow down before it."


This 16th-century prophetic movement highlights the need to "test the spirits" and to "judge" prophetic utterances according to the Scriptures. For the most part, these were sincere, seeking people who suffered much pain, grief and even death because they neglected this Biblical admonition. May we learn from their example and not repeat their mistakes.

Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt is a historian, Bible teacher and author. His latest book, from which this article is adapted, is 2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity. His current mission is "Revive America," a project committed to laying the Biblical and historical foundation for another Great Awakening in America. Find out more at

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End Time Elijah Company

The Watchmen On The Walls

By David Wilkerson

The Old Testament closes with this amazing prophecy of Malachi: "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: and he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse" (Malachi 4:5-6).

This prophecy was fulfilled in great measure in the ministry of John the Baptist. An angel appeared to John´s father and prophesied that his son would turn many in Israel to the Lord and that "he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias (Elijah), to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord" (Luke 1:17).

Jesus, speaking to His disciples about John the Baptist, said: "And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come" (Matthew 11:14). He added, "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear" (verse 15). I believe Jesus was asking them to see the spiritual significance of John's coming, as prophesied, in the spirit and power of Elijah.

John was anointed with the same fearless Spirit and power which was upon Elijah. He spoke openly about the sins of disobedient, pleasure-seeking people of his day. Christ was soon to appear and this mighty man of truth suddenly came on the scene to prepare a people for the Lord. This wilderness prophet was sent to turn the hearts of the people (which is the truest definition of repentance) to the Lord. John preached repentance, restitution, purity of heart, justice, and a practical walk of holiness to correspond with an open confession of sins.

I believe the prophet Malachi, as well as other Old Testament prophets, speaks of a company of holy people who will be raised up just prior to Christ's second coming. They will minister under the very same Spirit and power that rested upon Elijah and John the Baptist.

This last-day Elijah company of believers will heed the prophecy of Isaiah, "Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins" (Isaiah 58:1). These are the watchmen upon the walls, "which shall never hold their peace day nor night . . . and give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth" (Isaiah 62:6-7).


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Do Not Be Disappointed And Wait For His Appointed Time!!

Your Appointment Awaits You

Francis Frangipane

Appointed Times

In spite of escalating turmoil in our world, there still remains one last, great outpouring of mercy before the time of the end (Matt 24:14; Acts 2:17). This supernatural season is not something for which we must beg God. No, its coming has been predetermined. It is the “appointed time” of the Lord.

For those unaware, an “appointed time” is, in truth, an open display of the sovereignty and power of God. In it we discover with absolute certainty that nothing is impossible for God. It is a season when God fulfills the hopes and dreams of His people. The Psalmist wrote, “But You, O LORD, abide forever, and Your name to all generations. You will arise and have compassion on Zion; for it is time to be gracious to her, for the appointed time has come” (Ps 102:12-13).

During an “appointed time” it’s as though the Lord physically rises and moves in unfailing compassion on behalf of His people. It is the time when divine promises, dreams and spiritual hopes are fulfilled. Recall: Abraham and Sarah had waited in faith for a quarter century for the promise of God. Finally, as they neared one hundred years of age, the Lord told Abraham, “At the appointed time I will return to you . . . and Sarah will have a son” (Gen 18:14). One year later, “at the appointed time” (Gen 21:2), Isaac was born to aged parents!

While there are, indeed, appointed times of judgment (Mk 13:33), the phrase most frequently represents a time, preset by God, when He invades mankind with “wonders, plans formed long ago, [that unfold] with perfect faithfulness”(Isa 25:1).

Demons may stand arrayed against the Lord; nations may align themselves to fight Him. It does not matter. He who sits in the heavens laughs. For He makes all things His servants (Ps 119:91), even His enemies’ plans for evil are reversed and made to serve the purpose of God (Gen 50:20; Rom 8:28; Acts 2:22-24).

If God gave you a vision, a spiritual hope or dream for your future, there will be an appointed time when that which God spoke comes to pass. Thus the Lord assures us, “Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run. For the vision is yet for the appointed time. It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; for it will certainly come, it will not delay” (Hab 2:2-3).

If you have a vision or promise from God, that vision also has a time of fulfillment. Though it tarries, wait for it. For it will certainly come to pass at the appointed time.

Appointed Servants of God

Prior to the unveiling of an appointed time, God has, of course, been actively working in hiddenness. When He rises and moves, He is moving the power grid He laid in secret. The work manifests suddenly, but the preparation may have taken years. Likewise, the Lord also appoints people. He predestines the time of their breakthrough in advance, even as He works silently within their hearts in preparation.

Consider the Lord’s word to His disciples. He said, “You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain” (Jn 15:16).

I’m sure the disciples felt that they had chosen Christ. Yet, the deeper truth is that God chose us before the foundation of the world and predestined us to come to Christ (Eph 1:3-5). We could not even come to Christ had not the Father drawn us (Jn 6:44). So, let us make no mistake: God chose us. Yet, He who chose us also appointed us to bear fruit. The same power that worked in us surrender and then inspired our faith continues to work in our hearts throughout our days, appointing us to bear fruit.

You may look at your life and feel unfruitful. But God is not done with you yet. Do you believe God has chosen you? Then believe also that He has appointed you to bear fruit. The same power that drew you to Christ is now working to conform you to Him as well.

The Enemy’s Work

One may argue, “But I know people who were good Christians who have fallen away.” Yes, but in most cases you will find that, at some point, they fell into deep disappointment about some failed spiritual expectation. Disappointment is not just a sad emotional state of mind; deep disappointment actually can sever our hearts from faith. It can “dis-appoint” us from our appointed destiny.

I have known many who were doing well, moving toward their appointed destiny. The future God had for them seemed almost close enough to taste. Then they became disappointed in someone or something. By accepting dis-appointment into their spirits, a bitter cold winter took over their souls and their faith turned dormant.

When one is dis-appointed, he is cut off from his appointment with destiny; the appointment remains in the heart of God, but the individual is isolated. It is here, even in the throes of disappointment, that the righteous must learn to live by faith
(see Hab 2:1-4).

I, too, have been through disappointment. Indeed, the promise of God was so distant that it seemed like a foolish spiritual fantasy. For nearly three years I had not been involved in pastoral ministry. No doors would open. God was doing a work in my soul to cause me to trust Him, but I felt abandoned and cut off from my calling. In a moment of abject honesty, I prayed, “Lord, you promised that those who believed in You would not be disappointed. Master, You know all things. Look at my heart. I am full of disappointment.”

The Lord simply replied, “You’re life is not over.” Of course, I knew that. I was a healthy young man not older than forty. Yet, the spell of disappointment had flooded my soul with darkness, causing me to conclude erroneously that God was done with me.

Listen well my friend: Satan can stop our destiny if we accept the power of disappointment into our lives. Once we accept the heaviness of a deep dis-appointment, backsliding is often not far away. You see, dis-appointment cuts us off from our vision and without a vision people perish.

Therefore, let me ask you: are you carrying disappointment in your heart? Renounce it. Forgive those who have let you down. Have you personally or morally failed? Repent deeply and return to your Redeemer. Right now, I ask the Holy Spirit to remove disappointment’s paralyzing sting! Beloved, the Spirit of God has come to release you of the effect of the dis-appointment. He reminds you, “Your appointment with your destiny is still set.

Holy Spirit, I confess that disappointment has crept into my soul. I forgive those who have disappointed me and release them back to You. I also forgive myself for accepting disappointment. I renounce unbelief and submit again to Your call on my life. Lord, prepare me again to move into the future You have appointed for my life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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A Total Classic


By L. Vere Elliott

The following vision was given to L. Vere Elliott in the late 1970's:

This is the vision/revelation. I was in the midst of a great meeting hall (a church), and the walls and ceilings were covered with jewels and ornaments, and the windows were made of colored glass (a typical cathedral or church). The hall was full of people, some rich, some poor, some sick and crippled, mute and blind; but all had chains on and were hand-cuffed, and no one was free (a picture of today's church, they're in church but they're not free).

In front of the meeting hall was a large platform, with a pulpit on one side and a large cage on the other, with a huge green serpent in it; and hanging over where the speaker would stand, was a great sword suspended by two strings horizontally; and on the platform were several ministers, 8 or 10, clothed in clerical robes, sitting one behind the other, one seated just a little above the other.

The assembly looked upon these men and they looked upon the church. There was silence for a while, until a thundering voice sounded from the pulpit, as if it came directly from God, saying, Who will declare the whole counsel of God? And the first clergyman arose with a Bible in his hand, and when he did, the old green serpent uncoiled and stretched out hissing against the man with sparkling eyes and protruding fangs; and the man of God, falsely so-called, sank back into his seat and placed his Bible under the chair. And when the serpent stretched up his head and touched the sword, he said to that man, Anyone who obeys the voice of God, I will kill with this sword. And for a little while, there was silence again.

And then the Voice sounded from the pulpit again, Who will declare the whole counsel of God? And then the second man in clerical robes arose as if he would step forward, and again the serpent uncoiled against him, and he tumbled back with fear and sat down and placed his Bible under his chair (hiding the Word). The serpent again touched the sword, and with the same remark said, I will kill you, if you obey the voice of God.

And for the third time the Voice from the pulpit thundered, and a third man arose and sat down like the two before him. And again and again the Voice sounded until each of the clergyman had an opportunity to resist the serpent, but fear overcame them all, like the first three had been overcome. And the serpent smiled
with his evil smile. And then the Voice sounded again from the pulpit saying, Oh if there were a man, Oh if there were a man; Oh if there were a man who would declare the whole counsel of God, that these chained men might be set free! Is there not one man?

Then a man of little stature (meaning he was nothing in the sight of the world), ascended the platform and stood under the sword, and he lifted up his eyes toward heaven and said, Into Thy hands O God, I commit my spirit. Then he opened the Bible and read. He didn't add anything to It, and he didn't take anything from It; he read the Word, and spoke as a man having authority. And when he had finished, the old serpent stretched up to the edge of the sword and cut off one of the strings holding the sword in place, and the sword swung down and missed him and passed over his head; because he was a man of "little stature"; and the weight of the sword made the other string to break, and the sword swung back and pierced the hearts of those clergymen who were lined up and nailed them to the wall. And a great scream of despair sounded from the pulpit; but an even greater cry of joy sounded from the assembly, for every man's chains were loosed and they were set free! (By the word they were set free).

When this vision had vanished, I saw another vision of the Savior in a cloud, just above my head. He spoke saying, Hear my son the meaning of these things. The meeting hall which you saw is the secularized church, having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof. They are all covered with the jewels of the joys
of this world, and there is no end to heir silver and gold. The people which you saw, are those for whom I died, but My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; they have eyes, but they do not see; they have ears, but they cannot hear. They are truly in bondage and must be set free!

The platform in which you saw, on which the clergymen were sitting; the platform is the preconceived ideas, having their origins from the pit of hell. The pulpit is the throne of God; and the serpent, old Lucifer himself. The sword which you saw, is the Word of God; and the strings on which it was hanging, mean the power of the Word to give life or the power of the Word to take life. Life was given to the man of little stature and life taken from the clergymen that did not preach My Word! The clergymen that you saw, are men (& women) from every church who pretend to know Me, but they teach My people things which are not written in the Book of life; and their pride and their presumption, and their worldly spirit force them to obey Satan, who is a liar and the father of lies; and each of the clergymen try and exceed the other in elegance, in extensive writings, argumentation and the like; but they only consider the" letter" of the Word, and leave out the "spirit" of the Word. And the day will come and now is at hand, when they shall all perish, just like these.

After having considered this horrible scene, the Lord spoke again with these words, Do you remember My words in the prophecy of Jeremiah chapter 23, as well as My words in the prophecy of Ezekiel chapter 34? Jesus said, Read it. And I opened my Bible and read, Woe unto the shepherds that destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture, saith the LORD. (Jer.23:1) In the prophets I have see a horrible thing, they commit adultery and they walk in falsehood: (a perversion of the Word of God), and strengthen the hands of evil doers. (Jer.23:14).

Jesus said, At the end of days you shall understand this. Woe to the shepherds that feed themselves, should not the shepherds feed the flock! (Ezek.34:2). The weak you have not strengthened, nor have you healed the sick, you've not bound up that which was broken, and neither have you sought that which was lost; but with harshness and with rigor have you ruled over them. (Ezek.34:4). I will destroy the fat and the strong shepherds; and I will feed them with judgement. (Ezek34:16). Then He said to me, That these false shepherds shall in no wise escape when the sword falls upon them. But My sheep must be warned, they must be set free! And again He said, Do you remember My words in the prophecy of Jeremiah in the latter part of chapter 25? Read it! And I read these words, And the slain if the LORD shall be in that day from one end of the earth, even to the other end of the earth: (Jer.25:33). Howl ye shepherds, for the day of your slaughter is come! (Jer.25:34).

Then He said to me, These days shall come quickly, the shepherds shall howl, yea, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth; but when the sword has fallen it will be too late forever. The man whom you saw who was of little stature, is every man and woman who will humble himself or herself, and be obedient even to the death of the cross, putting his or her trust in God, and going forward declaring the whole counsel of God! Oh, if I could find such a man, can you tell Me where there is one? With such a man I could shake heaven and earth, saith the LORD.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The First Hand Witness Of The Great Generals of The Healing Revival


By Buford Joseph Dowell







"Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples; but the LORD will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising."—Isaiah 60:1-3

A Prophecy From 1965

On February 26-28, 2009, WhiteDove Ministries hosted one of our most outstanding conferences in recent memory. Our guests Chuck Pierce and Steven Shelley brought incredibly prophetic and relevant messages, not only for the Tucson region, but also for this present time in Church history.

On the final day of our conference I was pleasantly surprised by a guest who the Lord sent to be a part of our last service. His name is "Buford Dowell" from Phoenix Arizona.

I had heard his name mentioned during the Lakeland revival and remembered the mention of a prophecy but knew little else. It was a great pleasure getting to know brother Dowell and hearing his experiences with some of the great healing revivalists of the prior generation.(A.A.Allen,Jack Coe,O. Roberts,K. Kuhlman, Moris Cerullo,R.W. Shambach,Vic Coburn,Dr. Thomas Wyatt, Demos Shakerian, James Dunn,W.V. Grant Sr., Tommy Hicks, Pastor John H Osteen..founder of the Lakewood International Outreach Houston, Tx. and many others)

Most interestingly, he shared with me a conversation that he had with William Branham in the summer of 1965.

Dowell had played the organ for Brother Branham in a healing meeting in Tucson and Phoenix, and asked Buford to join him for the end of the Phx, meetings, on a Sun, afternoon.

What transpired resulted in a fantastic prophecy that I whole heartedly believe.

The following is an edited transcript of Buford Dowell sharing in our conference his testimony and the encounter with Bro. William Branham, as they visited together and talked about the things of God! I pray and trust it will be a source of great blessing and encouragement.

Paul Keith Davis speaking:

We currently have "Joshuas and Calebs" in our midst; people that saw things with their own eyes in the prior generation. I like to look someone in the eye when they share a testimony or tell a story of the miraculous; I want to watch their eyes and I want to hear their voice. I want to know what they saw is truth; you can discern it. A Christian can discern truth from error.

So I shared all of that to just set the stage. I am not going to speak tonight, but I want to share an unexpected blessing I received today.

I met a man by the name of Buford Dowell this afternoon. I had heard his name before, and I had heard that he had a prophecy involving William Branham. I found out today, I didn't know this, but in 1965 in this very ballroom room ...he played the organ for William Branham's meetings.

Isn't it amazing that God would send him here for us tonight? A Joshua or a Caleb, I don't know which; it doesn't really matter. Both of them went in and obtained the inheritance.

He was telling me about a day when he had lunch with William Branham. And Brother Branham prophesied to him pretty much what you and I are about to move into in our generation. So I asked Brother Buford, if he wouldn't mind sharing that testimony.

Would you like to hear it? Yes. Please welcome International Evangelist..Buford Dowell!

Buford Dowell speaking:

Would somebody repeat after me, my favorite Scripture?

"For this purpose the Son of God was made manifest, that He might destroy the works of the devil."

Child of God...Guess who He is going to use to do it? You! ...The Body of Christ!!

William Branham isn't here. Tho I still feel his anointing here. Perhaps he's part of that "cloud of witnesses," looking in on us. May be this truth.. is something bigger than me...but Bro. Branham is not here. A.A. Allen is not here. The other Great Generals of past revivals... are not here.... but ladies and gentleman..the Same Jesus Christ...That was dwelling in them..Anointing them..and Using Great Signs-Wonders- and Miracles..and just as mighty men of God were used in the Bible days, ..That same presence of Jesus Christ, is here tonight..right here in this room!! Oh! .. Praise the Lord!

A.A.Allens son, Paul Allen is sitting here on the front row...I love him like a brother. We've grown up the ministry. Between he and I ... (and a couple of seats over, another Paul..Bro., Evangelist Paul Hammond, we've been all over the world and preached in more tents revivals... than Carter's got liver pills. God has been good to us!

Well we've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I like the good a whole lot better...amen?

If Brother Branham was here, if Brother Allen was here or Jack Coe and all the others were here tonight...they would all tell you that; "They couldn't heal anybody! Only God can Heal! Amen?

Evangelist..Jack Coe, .. laid his giant hands on my little bitty hands.. when I was around 13 yrs. old and he prayed a great big fancy prayer!

He said, "Jesus, teach Buford how to play the organ... Amen." and he went back to his desk and sat down. And I thought in my heart.. at the time, "Lord, he could have prayed a little longer prayer."

But then all of a sudden.. I remember like it was yesterday, I thought; " Those are the same hands ... that I saw reach up and take that cancer on that lady's face and pull it off... and SHE WAS HEALED BY THE HEALING CHRIST!

I almost fainted when I saw that!

There was nothing left but a small pink dot...on her face! What a mighty God!

Then I thought to myself, "That's the same hands.. that took that man whose back was all hunch-backed." He looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame, that old movie.

Brother Coe was a big man, and he put his knee on his back and pulled back on his shoulders and screamed, "Jesus!"

Then the man let out a scream.. and I just knew Bro. Coe had killed him! If not I thought he was hurt or wounded!

Ladies and Gentlemen, ... the man came running back around the auditorium...waving his hands and praising God For His Miracle! HIS BACK WAS AS STRAIGHT AS MINE WAS!!

I was sitting (on the platform)..over by the organist..Jimmy Arnold.

Folks...I couldn't play the organ back then. I would just sit by the organist and watch him play.. and dream;"that some day I would play the organ for God!".

Yes! Like the bible, I was a dreamer.

Has anybody got a dream in this place? Don't quit dreaming. God can have somebody come along and lay their anointed hands on you ..and anoint you.. and you will wake up one day... and your dream will have come true!

Oh! Praise God Almighty! For God's Sake...Don't Loose Your Dream!!

Well, I sat there and watched that man's back get streightened out..and I almost fainted when Jack Coe pulled back on that deformed man's shoulders.

The man was Instantly healed..By The Mighty Power Of God! I am in Rev. Coe's office...he's praying over my hands... And then it hit me, "I'm going to play the organ! Those were the same anointed hands... on my hands!! amen and amen!

You see, that was important to me,... because a few yrs before, I had taken three weeks of piano lessons, and a little 16-year-old concert piano concert pianist... who could play like Liberace ... tried to teach me how to play,..But in the third week of lessons, ... he gave me my second false prophecy!

He got frustrated at my lack of learning how to play...and grabbed the music book, threw it on the floor..and said, "You'll never play anything but the radio!!"

Well folks, that wasn't very good for my self-confidence!

I was just like some of you..who has had somebody speak evil, negative curses..into your live, years ago! Some of you have been wounded and foolish people...who spoke negative predictions into your life!

*Thank God! Jesus can break the curses off of us..and turn them into supernatural blessings!

Well, when I was even younger...I loved to listen to Radio Preachers.. on the big Super-Power Radio Stations...on the border of Mexico! A A Allen, Jack Coe, J. C. Bishop, Rev. J. Charles Jessup, J. Harold Smith, Bob Mc Elroy, A. Earl Ivie, ...and My father (Evang. Buford Dowell Sr.)..was one of them...heard every night! One of those big 500,000 watt stations, was the largest in the world...and broadcast into over 50 nations!!

Folks.. no one could preach Hell! Fire! and Brimstone!...Like that Rev. J. Charles Jessup, from Gulfport, Miss!

I got saved every night almost. My God, he'd preach it Hell Hot and Heavy! I could hardly stand it. I could almost smell the smoke. But I loved Gods Great Preachers and little did I know that some day ...I would travel this great country..under the worlds largest tents..and great auditoriums..Playing Revival Organ music...and watching .. with my own eyes..from a front row multitudes came to Christ!

I witnesed thousands healed of every desease know to medical sicence!

I could never doubt Gods' Mighty Healing Power!!

It wasn't but a few years later, until there I was .. in Dallas, Texas!

Jack Coe had prayed for my play the organ...for healing great revivals!

May I share that; ..." I don't play the organ because I was born with talent, ...why I couldn't even play the radio without getting static!

A man of God imparted that anointing and gift into my hands and my spirit ...and I started doing what I couldn't do before..

Within four weeks.. I was playing in Dallas at his church. Within two months I was playing before ten to twenty thousand people in worship...under his giant tent in Wash. D.C! (And I didn't even know how to play but two or three different keys.)...The Holy Ghost...was my teacher! amen?

From there...God took me with most of the great Healing Revivalist.. over 4,500,000 miles, into 58 nations! Then God anointed me to Preach the Gospel...and has graced us with 137 international missionary crusades, hundreds of revivals ... where multitudes were saved and healed.. by His power!! *All for God's Glory!

The bible says; "Every good and perfect gift ...comes from the Lord!"


Tonite I was thinking.." If the walls of this building could talk .. they would testify of the miracles that occurred in this room when I played the organ for William Branham here, in 1965. I also played for him in Phoenix at the Ramada Inn, and at a church there. If those walls could talk...they would speak of what Jesus did!

I'm going to tell you what William Branham ... told me just a few months before the Lord took him home.

Today, as I was leaving Phoenix to come down here to Tucson, I took an associate to the airport and I had to drive down Van Beuren, in Phoenix. Some of you know where it's at. And I saw the place where there used to be an old cafeteria. And on the last Sunday afternoon of the healing crusade in Phoenix, in 1965, Brother Branham walked over to the organ after the service and he said, "Son, would you like to go have lunch with me?"

I had seen him many times in different places and was privileged to be with him on other meeting occasion. But that was a joy, to be invited to eat with this man of God...and my heart almost jumped out of my chest. "Oh yes, Brother Branham... I'd love to have lunch." (I was 16 years of age, at that time)

I got off the organ. We went and got into his car and we drove over to this little cafeteria.

When we got out of the car he said, "Come here, I want to show you something." He puts the key to the trunk and he opens it up and to my shock he's got a gun case in there. It was a hunting rifle. It was a 30/30 Winchester.

He took it out and handed it to me, Bro. Branham said; "The Winchester Company just mailed this to me," Folks.. It had his name engraved in gold on the butt of the gun, "Brother William Branham."

I felt like I was touching someing very important.. tho I wouldn't have known how to shoot it, but I knew it was very special. I also knew Bro. Branham liked to go deer hunting once in a while. I had some minister friends who enjoyed going hunting with him...every year. I said, "Brother Branham, I heard about those times that you would go deer hunting. Brother so-and-so and Brother so-and-so, often went with you...right? " He confirmed that was true.

Anyway, we went on in the restaurant. And here's the main part of what I'm supposed to be telling today.

We went on in and got our our food, and we sat down... to eat our Sunday lunch.

I'm ashamed to say this, but can I just tell it like it was. You see.. I had in my mind back then, that; "if Brother Branham hired me for an advance man, that I could really help him have bigger crusades.. (or so I thought) Now, of course, I understand that; "that was my own carnal thinking...not the spirit of God."

You see, I had helped a few preachers put some ads in the paper, run a few radio and t.v. announcements for their crusades ... and I had thought I had all the answers, for preachers' advertising, for revival campaigns. (In later years...God blessed my "Ministry of Helps"... and we produced T.V. and Radio Broadcast for up to 23 ministries... across America! Including ..Pastor John H Osteen, founder of Lakewood Houston)

Brother Branham, was sitting there ..across the table .. and I said; "Brother Branham,.. you know you're only in your 50's. You've got plenty of good health and energy. If you just had the right promotion for your meeting...why you could have the biggest crusades you've ever had."

He looked at me and smiled and dropped his head. He said, "No son," he said, "You see, that's not the way God planned it."

I almost fell off my chair! That wasn't really what I wanted to hear! (it didn't fit my plans)

He was speaking for the Lord and I was listening with my carnal mind. I said, "What do you mean, Brother Branham?"

He replied, "Well, you see, God's through with me! My Ministry Is Finished!" And I was even in shock!

I said, "What do you mean about that? You've got plenty of years left?" He said, "Well, my season has come to a close. God is finished with my ministry and He's going to take me on home!"

He went on to explain; " How he had been part of A Great Season of Healing Revivals. He mentioned all the Voice of Healing Preachers, .. He mentioned Brother Allen, Gale Jackson, William Freeman, Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborn and others. (He was so kind to even also mention that He had been in some of my father's services, and he commented that; "Dad had a great Holy Ghost lead people into the baptism of the Holy Ghost, as he had witnessed...when he had recently attended my fathers the big A. A. ALLEN CAMP MEETING the Phoenix Fair Grounds!)

Folks.. may I share also, that my father and my mother could get more people through into the baptism ..than any preacher I've ever met!

Why sometimes 1,700 people could receive the Holy a single service,...because my folks had a special anointing..and they had a real love to see people receive this precious Holy Ghost Baptism!! (most preachers don't even talk about it, anymore)

The body of Christ..needs a fresh Revival of the infilling and baptism into the Holy Spirit. I'm not just talking about tongues, that's wonderful; but folks we're going to have to learn to really walk in the face the evil and darkness now coming upon the world and to get the real job done for God... in this hour...and to know who we are in Christ!

Brother Branham said, "I've been a great season of Healing Revivals.. where we laid hands on people one at a time and we saw blind eyes open, cancers disappear, the lame walk... And oh! it was wonderful."

But he went on to say, "I am about to leave you because God changing the season! But another season is coming! This season is going to be of teaching and revelation of the Word of Jesus Christ; .. and "who we really are in Him ...and Who He Is In Us!!"

Folks I believe .." It's Not just about Jesus hanging on the Cross. That's wonderful. But religion will leave Him on the Cross...and keep you there continually feeling guilty and condemned and repenting over and over for your sins...and never growing into the "MANIFESTED SON OF GOD" ...YOU ARE PURPOSED TO BE!

Church..."We need to move from the cross ...on to the resurrection and have a personal resurrection of the revelation of the Lord Jesus.. and His Divine Plan..."That we too...are Sons of God..through Jesus Christ! Amen?

Brother Branham went on to emphasize, "It's about Jesus in us and us in Him." And he said, "This teaching season will go for a while, and then it will come to a close... and then God will birth another new ... and final season upon the church world!!


He said, "Why often times..the auditoriums..arenas..large tents or stadiums..will not hold the people! The Men of God will at times... even stand in an large open field...or looking at a mass of people in a great valley.. and they will manifest the supernatural power of God! Masses will be Saved ..and Miraculously Healed!!

It's going to happen even in America." Brother Branham said, "God is going to bring the ministry of the apostles and the prophets to the forefront!' (in the past, they've often been pushed into the background...and it's been all about the pastors, teachers and evangelist) A NEW DAY IS DAWNING! Oh! Praise God!

CHURCH... Let me ask you; "How many of you can remember when was the last time, since you've heard the word "apostle or prophet" in your churches? "

Folks..Jesus said (I didn't say it, William Branham did'nt say it); Jesus said; " That His Church would be built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, with Jesus Christ the Head. Yes! God's bringing them forth, into the forefront. ALSO... All five-fold ministry offices..functioning in the Body of Christ..TO BRING US INTO PERFECTION!

Bro. Branham said to me, "They will have the mind of God and the heart of God and the Voice of God. And when they speak, their words will become the Words of God." They won't say what man says. They won't say what denominations say or what men's tradition says or any of that.

Ladies and Gentelman.."They will speak as the true oracle of God! And they won't just speak about the future... THEY WILL SPEAK GOD'S SUPERNATURAL WORD..AND GOD WILL CREATE THE FUTURE!! OH! PRAISE GOD! "

May I share with you..." Anybody that reads the Bible ...can quote bible prophecies. You don't even have to have the Holy Ghost to talk about bible prophecy...but that doesn't make you a prophet!

Anyone can stand in a congregation and prophecy ...with the "Gift of Prophecy (one on the 9 gifts)..but that doesn't make them an ordained Prophet of God! (Paul ..speaking of the gift of Prophecy,.. said; " I would that you all prophecy")

Folks... We've got a lot of people running around today...calling themselves prophets. But simply calling yourself a prophet doesn't necessarily make you a prophet. Having some business cards printed up, that announces you as a prophet of god, doesn't make you a prophet! ( I call them; " NON-PROFITS!" they don't bring any profit... to the body of Christ, just themselves)


Child of God..When this group of GOD'S TRUES APOSTLES AND PROPHETS EMERGES, they will speak as the very oracle of God and whatever they say, God will create it because it will be His time, His will and His Word. .... And it won't be about the big name ministers anymore, it will be all about JESUS



If I learned anything traveling with these precious men of God from the past, all of whom I love very much and could tell countless testimonies of healing miracles and deliverance, but the greatest miracle of all .... was the mighty miracle of millions of people... coming to the Lord Jesus Christ!

Yes...I was blessed.. to sit right here in this very room .. and play the organ, with Bro. Branham and watch many come to Jesus.

In the great healing crusades..I saw people come and get saved. I could see the conviction of God on them...and the Holy Ghost changed their lives ... right in front of me.

One time in Brother Allen's meeting, I got off the organ and I told the associate, "I've got be excused, to go and pray.

" I went to my room and I stayed in my hotel room for three days and got saved all over again ... because people were coming into the alters and receiving more from God... than I was getting! I knew I had to pray through and touch God for my self!..amen?

I had sat on the organ so long, I had backslid...gotten cold in my experiance with the Lord!

Folks..I'm just being honest with you. The greatest place to lose your walk with God is sitting in a church somewhere,... with your mind tied up and tangled up in religion and stuff, and all these do's and don'ts!

But if you want to know Jesus, He is here tonite, He loves you... He desires you to come home to the Father!

Church...we've got to know him personally a reallity! Amen?

Bro. Oral Roberts laid his hands on my hands when I was ten years old. I had no idea what he was doing. He said, "Jesus, bless this boy. Let him take Your healing power to the nations." I didn't want to go nowhere. I was comfortable at home. I had my little bicycle and my Roy Rogers, Gene Autry cap guns and lunch box..
and a black and white TV set. What else could a boy want? I didn't want to go to the nations. But God Almighty..had a plan and a purpose!

Bro. Allen came along after that...when I was about 15 yrs. old ... and while I was carrying his breifcase for him.. as he walked under that great preach, he slapped his hand on my head and said; "OH GOD! MAKE A PREACHER BOY..OUT OF BUFORD!" (I remember thinking; "Lord, I don't want to be a preacher boy.. I just want to carry Bro. Allens breif case!) Folks...God knows how to put the want you! Amen?

God put the desire in my heart to sit on that organ. I saw the power of God so much in those crusades all across America and Canada,.. until I couldn't sit there on the organ any more. Soon.. I'd go to the hotel or the motel, after those powerful services.. and I'd dream at night, and "I'd be preaching and praying for the sick in my dreams! ... AND GOD WOULD BE SAVING MULTITUDES AND HEALING PEOPLE OF ALL KINDS OF SICKNESS AND DISEASES!"

Finally, in 1970..I took $8,000—that's all I had. I Went to Nassau, Bahamas and rented a ballpark. I spent money on advertising and shipped a little half pint, hammond organ—a little Spinet and put a microphone by it so they could hear it. I sang and played and talked about Jesus! (I had no churches behind, nor not any underwriters,..just "Spending My Faith!" ) Folks. according to the police, .. over Nine thousand people showed up ... and I didn't know what to do with them!

I just played the organ and sang and testified. And when I ran out, I started it all over again. And they got to singing, praising God with me. And in a few nights the crowd was getting bigger.

When it was raining, they wouldn't go home! I was soaking wet, so were they. But we just kept having church. Anyway, to make a long story short, I wound up going all over the world in International Missionary Crusades!

137 of them!! Hundreds of Revival Meetings! Multitudes have come to Jesus Christ...and been Healed by His Power! Oh! Praise God!

Why, because somebody took the time (when I was a little preachers kid) .. to bless my hands..and say, ...."Lord God...Let him take your healing power to the nations." "Lord Jesus; "I need an organist, anoint Buford!" "Jesus; Make A Preacher Boy...Out Of Buford! "

CHURCH..." I believe God's going to do it agian! I believe God's getting ready to pour out of his spirit again...across America and the nations!!."

Child of God.....Here's the bottom line. All of it, past, present, future .. IT'S NOT ABOUT MEN! (it never was) They're just men. Their just human ... just like you!








Remember one thing..."God puts His Treasure...In Earthen Vessels! "

When Brother Allen went to be with the Lord, I raced across America to get there in time for the funeral at Miracle Valley,.. And I didn't make it. I got somewhere down there on I-10, but I missed the funeral service.

As I road along in the car..I was weeping and I said, "God, I didn't want to miss that funeral. Bro. Allen was such a blessing to me." And God said to me, "It wasn't about him, it was all about My deposit of my word and my anointing... that I put in him." He said, "Son, you can have the same...power,... if you pay the price and just trust in me!!"

(I remembered Bro. Allens book; " THE PRICE OF GOD'S MIRACLE WORKING POWER"

T. L. Osborne said, "William Branham was raised up to show the Body of Christ that we can do what Jesus did. " It wasn't just about his message, or that some fold see him as a prophet..."It was all about Jesus!

Friend...You too, can lay your hands on the sick and God will heal them... Child of God..YOU TOO..CAN DO THE WORKS OF JESUS!! Just Trust Him!!

God spoke to me on the way to this service tosay, God said, "I'm tired of you just praying for people to be healed. Pray for them that they'd open their heart and let Me walk in and I'll Bring My Healing Power With Me! Then it'll flow through them ... to somebody else that's sick, and it will flow through that person to somebody else that's sick. ..and on to another..and another..until there is a epidemic..of God's Mighty Power..that impacts this world!!

From Bro. Paul Allen here..(Bro. Allens' son) it can flow through him.. on to another person...the same with you sir! with you mam!

Oh! Don't you want to be used of God? God wants every person in this place (and those who read this message) to be a channel...that He can flow through this dying world!..amen.


Paul Keith Davis speaking:

If you believe that say, "That's nothing but the truth. Nothing but the truth. I believe it. " You can look into his eyes. Do you believe it? This brother, was with William Branham only to try promote his ministry. Brother Branham said, "That's not going to happen. My life is coming to an end."

He told me over here earlier today, "That was about six months before Brother Branham died in 1965." Just before William Branham left he said, "Something is coming." It's about a Body of people, walking with God, becoming the habitation of Him. It's not just about miracles, but it's about God in us...flowing through us!

We are about to encounter great realms of darkness...covering this world. If we don't get that level of the Lord in us, we're not going to be able to meet the spiritual needs of our generation. That's it.

He said, "Every mantle, every anointing, every commissioning that has existed will be dumped into our day." And we've been through this qualification process. It's not about how much we have done or what we have performed, but instead it's about—how emptied are you? How much have you pulled back your breastbone
to allow God to extract the tares of our soul?

I couldn't have preached a message any better than what he just preached. I want this man of God..Buford Dowell.. to release into us this Anointing.. he has seen and carried, and for us to begin to walk in it.

We're going to pray for you still, but I want this to be released. And we're going to pray for him. Would you do that?

Buford Dowell speaking:

If you went to the doctor and he examined you and he gives you a prescription, most of you would go to the drugstore and get the prescription. Well I've got a Holy Ghost prescription for you. There's a book laying back there. Have you got them with you? "The Price of God's Miracle Working Power…" Perhaps one of the most powerful books A.A. Allen wrote!

Folks..If you've got something, you can give it someone! I've got healing power in my hands, just like this brother.

We're going to pray, and it's not because of how great we are but because of how great "He" is!

And I pray to God that you'll never look at another national evangelist on TV without seeing Jesus. If you don't see Jesus, you've missed it. If you see all the sizzle and all the glamour and the gold and whatever, you've missed what God really desires you to see.

" We must often look past the see the Messenger (THE LORD JESUS)..and to hear the revelation message! "

When you leave this meeting and you haven't had an encounter with Jesus, you've missed what this is all about. Am I right?

Father, Brother Branham preached this Word... and You confirmed it with signs and wonders and miracles.

T.L. Osborne was sitting in the audience and never had a miracle, in his ministry. And he went home and said "God, if You can do it for that humble man, You can do it for me." And he got on a plane; he and Daisy went to India. And that was the beginning of one of the greatest evangelistic ministries this planet ever saw.

" Father, if You can do it for them, You can do it again; and You've graced me with something wonderful, and now I'm giving You all the honor...and I'm going to pass it on.. to these hungry people..tonight!

Now in Jesus' name, these men are joining with me, and we transfer our anointing. " We transfer our gifting into this congregation....and to all you who are Watching by Television, Video, hearing by radio, recordings.. or reading this message...."If you'll open your heart right now, Jesus will walk right into it and bring everything that you need with Him. Hallelujah. Open up, open up, open up in ..Jesus' name.

Pray this folks; " Come on in, Lord Jesus. Say it again. Come on in. Bring everything I need to do the work...for you!! ...Amen!

Your life will never be the same. Amen " Now go...keep on going... then go some more... and DO WHAT JESUS DID!!

Paul Keith and Wanda Davis
WhiteDove Ministries