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Revival Prophesied on Ranches and Farms

Kim Clement:

"Watch, There will be an Unusual Turn of Events with Farmers - On Ranches and Farms"

The following was prophesied on January 30, 2009 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Kim ClementThe Spirit of the Lord says, "Do you hear what the prophets are saying? Do you hear the dictations from Heaven? Can you hear how the nations have endeavored to rise up? And now they have said, 'With this present leader we will come and we will snuff them out.'"

But God said,
"Have they forgotten that My light has come to this nation in the middle of the night? For the prophetic word is like a light that shines in a dark place, in the kingdom of darkness. In the Kingdom of Light there is no darkness."

"Watch, There will be an Unusual Turn of Events with Farmers"

And God said,
"Tonight I speak to you as a nation from Oklahoma City, a soil where tears have been shed, where blood has been shed, for the glory of this nation. My glory will once again fill, but now I'm about to do the most unusual things that I've ever done. They will say, 'We have never heard of such things happening.'"

America looked as if it was going to plunge into the pits of despair, but God says, "It shall not be so. For I am determined to rescue you. And it shall not be by the hands of the Democrats, nor shall it will not be at the hands of the Republicans, but it shall be in the hands of those that are righteous and that have My light. Your enemies will be subdued," says the Lord.

Watch, there will be an unusual turn of events with farmers. God said,
"There will be unusual revivals and moves of the Spirit in the places where there are ranches and farms. They will go out and they will say, 'In this desolate place God is moving in a big way.'"

Where there is wheat, God is moving. Where there are vineyards, God is moving. And they will look to the cities and say,
"What of the cities?" But they will ashamedly look to the little towns and the villages, and they will say, "It's happening there." And they will say, "Even with the Okies, it's happening there."

For you see, for the Lord says,
"I came and I spread My garments in the great cities of this nation. And the oxen that were driven and that were driving the Ark of the Covenant started to stumble, and men tried to control what God wanted."

God says, "I am not to be controlled, and when I move I must be left alone. It shall be like a wildfire, and men shall come, and they shall come and say, 'Let us go to the small towns that we've heard of, the villages, where there are no longer kings in charge but the sons of the kings and the sons of the prophets.'"

For God said,
"I'm raising up a group of people, a guild, where there will be priests and prophets and it shall be as in the days of old where there shall be shouters."

You see, when King Saul went to the little village of Ramah and met with Samuel the prophet, Saul was a little man in his own sight, but a large man—head and shoulders above everybody. And in that little place, Samuel anointed him as the king. But Saul could not believe it, as the little villages and the towns of this nation cannot believe that they can contain it,
"But they are precious to Me."

And so God says to you,
"As Samuel said to Saul, 'You must now go on a journey and you must meet a group of prophets that are coming from the high place. They will be with tambourines and with harps and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man.'"

God says,
"I want your house, I want the houses of farmers and village people to be opened up to where college students can come and receive of the God that is about to appear in these towns and villages in the United States," says the Spirit of God.

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions

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