Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Am the Great I Am

Eileen Fisher:

"I Am Not Only Your Beloved, But I Am the Great I Am"

The following prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on August 11, 2009 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

"You are to fix your eyes upon Me like that of a servant on the hand of the one they serve; you are to lock hearts with Me so I can heal and protect your hearts, for these days would bring trouble and fear. I say, give Me your ears so I can put the piercing of My hands on them to where you can hear Me plain and clear. I would say, give Me your feet, so I can press fresh oil on your feet; as I oil your feet, this will allow you to slip into the positions I have created for you.

"Your heart has already made the choice to follow Me, your will has already been given to Me. But I say: Now My will shall be given unto you.

"For I am looking for a Bride who is hungry and thirsty. For I am looking for a Bride who, at all costs, will press in until she herself plants kisses of hope upon My cheek and feels the embrace of My arms around her.

"For I am looking for a Bride who will not look for anyone else but her Beloved. For I am looking for a Bride that is so fixed upon Me, she ignores all else around her. Whether it is ugly or whether it is beauty, she has fixed her eyes and has locked her eyes with My eyes."

"You Will Be Crowned With My Glory"

"Tonight I look upon you, and I look upon you with favor and approval. I look upon you, those who are thirsty and who have come to drink of My Spirit. I have looked upon you as those who have said, 'Lord, I want You above all else.'" He replies, "I have found pleasure in your presence.

"Be not quick to quench My Spirit but be quick to flow with Him. For He will take you into places you have only heard about. He will take you places you have only dreamed about. I will burst into your slumber and give you sweet dreams of My presence.

"I will meet you in the marketplaces, and you will find favor, for they will shake their heads "No," yet their mouths will say, 'Yes.' You will find Me in those who are forsaken and abandoned; you will see Me within them pleading for the answers of mercy. You will be the ones I will send with a heart full of mercy.

"My Bride is getting prepared, and you are My Bride. You are going to be filled with My Glory, you will carry My Glory and you will be recognized by My Glory, for you will be crowned with My Glory. When others come and try to put a crown on you, a counterfeit crown, you will cast down that crown, for it would tarnish what is pure and right," says the Lord your God.

"I Am Taking My People into the Secret Places, and They Will Hear the Secrets of My Heart"

"I am taking My people unto Myself into the secret places of the Most High, and as I hide them in this secret place, they will hear the secrets of My heart. In turn, I will give them revelation knowledge of the secrets of their own heart.

"For tonight I am going to grant unto you graciousness," says the Lord. "For I am a God of gracefulness, full of grace, full of mercy, full of purity and power; I am pouring grace into your hearts right now.

"Do not let your hearts be troubled; I am filling it (your heart), letting it be burnt by My fire for divine ownership. For I am branding your hearts tonight," says the Lord. "You will not be given to another, for you have been called by My name. In My name you will live and move. Cry out, and I will show you great and mighty things, for I am not only your Beloved, but I am the Great I Am."

Eileen Fisher 
Eileen Fisher Ministries

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