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Press through!

Sandie Freed:
"Pressing Through! Do Not Allow Your Vision or Hope to be Stuck in the Narrow Place"

Pressure! It can be a good thing.

For example, we need water pressure at certain times, especially to fight fires. We need air pressure in a plane's cabin during flights and pressure applied to our toothpaste—giving it the "squeeze" and, then, being upset when our mate or kids squeeze it or pressure it from the middle of the tube. I used to make the biggest fuss over that—now, I control it by buying the upright toothpaste that you squeeze from the middle and it doesn't matter anymore. I know I'm being candid about mundane things, but I want to make a point. Pressure is good, but it also reminds us of challenges.

Have you ever noticed when pressure is applied to something, change usually occurs? Think about it for a moment. You "press" your clothing by applying pressure with an iron and its appearance changes. If you press an elevator button, the door opens or changes floors to take you to a new destination. During massage therapy, pressure is applied and often "pressure points" are targeted.

What about "blood pressure"? I know it is a medical term, but it is still a type of pressure. Blood pressure is the pressure (force) exerted by circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels. The pressure of the circulating blood, pumped by the heart, constitutes one of our principal vital signs! If there is any alarm concerning this vital sign, it can be life-threatening.

Well, Believers, we need to consider applying "pressure" against the enemy by applying the Blood of Jesus during this season. Yes! We can call this spiritual Blood pressure—applying pressure and demanding the enemy to back off as we move forward and go through the threshold of breakthrough.

The Narrow Place

"Out of my distress I called upon the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free and in a large place."-Psalm 118:5

Have you felt distress lately? Notice the word stress that is represented in being in a place of distress? King David felt distressed and called upon the Lord. God heard his cry and set him not only free, but also God placed him in a "large place." Therefore, we can conclude that as we move forth into places of destiny and enlargement (increase and blessing), we may also be challenged at the threshold (or gate) with great stress, distress and pressure.

The word distress comes from a Hebrew word, metsar and means "something tight (narrow), trouble, pain and strait (like a narrow place)" (Strong's #4712). David was in a narrow place and when God delivered him out of the place of constriction, trouble and pain, He set him into an enlarged place. In the narrow place, David experienced pain and bondage, just as many of us do—therefore we cry out to God for deliverance.

I believe David was pregnant with potential and vision, yet his enemies caused him to fear for his life. When the enemy surrounds us, it's easy to be fearful, right? If we focus on our enemy, our vision is blocked—we cannot see nor experience freedom or enlargement due to limited vision. This is why the enemy desires to stop vision at the narrow place. Satan does not desire that any of us see into our future!

Birthing our Future

Now, for those of us who have been feeling pressure, we can relate to the narrow place. I often preach about the narrow place and the importance of it; after all, Jesus said that "...narrow is the gate, and straitened the way, that leadeth unto life, and few are they that find it" (Matthew 7:14). The more I search for revelation concerning the narrow place, the more I discover hidden truths which the Lord desires to reveal. I use the narrow place as a point of reference when I refer to the birth canal. When a baby is birthed, it passes through a very narrow place before it is birthed into enlargement. It is the same spiritually when we are pregnant with purpose, potential and vision—all of it has to first pass through the narrow place.

The word narrow in this passage is similar to the Old Testament usage. It is the Greek word thlibo, which also means narrow, trouble and affliction of some type. Used as an adjective, Jesus used this word to describe the entrance or gateway to eternal life. He described it as a way to receive life. However, when thlibo is used as a verb, it means to press. This is referring to one having to press into the narrow place so that one may pass through the constricted place. When studying the meaning of the narrow place, we also realize that it represents a place of trauma (Strong's #2346, 5147).

How interesting is that? Let's break this down a little to gain greater revelation. The narrow place is:

• A place of distress
• A place of stress
• A place to press and endure pressure
• A place of trauma

And if we cry out to God, He promises to:

• Deliver us from trauma, distress and affliction
• Set us free
• Place us in an enlarged place of freedom and increase!

Birthing involves all of the above: stress, some distress and discomfort, extreme pressing and maybe even the feeling of affliction. However, on the other side of the narrow place are freedom, joy, and enlargement.

The Month of Nissan

We are now in the Hebraic month of Nissan, a month that is referred to as "the month of redemption." I believe that in this season God desires for us to have faith for numerous miracles. In this season, the Jews focus on the lamb and the necessity to apply the blood on the doorposts as was done for their time of deliverance from Egyptian bondage. Today, we apply the Blood of Jesus to the doorposts of our hearts and we experience the miracle of freedom in Christ and redemption from sin, sickness, disease and trauma.

At the Threshold of Breakthrough

I'm pressing through for my breakthrough and miracle, are you? However, it is clear that in order to move into our enlarged place, we must pass through the narrow place and go through a new gate. In fact, we must cross over the threshold to receive breakthrough. Keep in mind that as we read now about the threshold, the doorposts of our heart also involve a threshold, a gate and a narrow place. Remember, Jesus knocks at the doors of our hearts. A door can also be considered a gate, and each has a threshold. Therefore any new revelation God speaks needs to be received by our hearts.

As we seek His Kingdom revelation, we must press into it! Luke 16:16 says this: "The law and the prophets were until John. Since that time the Kingdom of God has been preached, and everyone is pressing into it" (emphasis added). Therefore we realize that the revelation that John had concerning the Good News and his fresh revelation of the Kingdom must all be "pressed into." We cannot receive present truth revelation without enduring the press.

The word threshold comes from the same root word in the Hebrew for pethen and it means to twist as a snake (Strong's #6620). As you can see, it is close to the spelling of the snake python, which squeezes the life and breath from its victims. Talk about a "pressing"!

In fact, in Acts 16:16 when Paul and Silas were on their journey, they encountered a girl who operated in divination. Divination is the name python which is described as "python." (Strong's #4436). I know I'm pounding this in a bit, but I need for you to understand that the lying, seductive snake sits at the threshold of your breakthrough. Its plan is to apply so much pressure that you are pressed, stressed, depressed and at the point of giving up.

I am reminded of Samson who did not handle well the pressure of a seductive spirit. Remember the story? Samson was pressed by his wife for seven days until he finally told her the riddle concerning the lion and honey. His wife used her seductive words to pry out Samson's secrets. Delilah did the same. Scripture says that Delilah "pressed him daily" for his secret. Samson gave in to the wiles of the enemy. He was one who had so much unfulfilled potential, yet allowed the craftiness of the enemy to steal his entrance to enlargement.

I have discussed the seductions of Jezebel, Athaliah and Delilah in my latest book, Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord, which can be ordered through The ElijahList. If you are struggling with pressure and distress and know it is time for your breakthrough, you need this book!

Dear ones, we also have too much potential to waste or to have stolen. Don't allow the pressure at the narrow place to cause you to throw in the towel! At your threshold, apply the Blood of Jesus and break forth into enlargement. Remember your covenant promises, and go through the gate of increase!

Prophetic Word and Prayer

I hear the Lord say to you that, "This is your month to receive great faith. Do not focus on the darkness about you, nor on the narrow place. I am revealing mysteries in this hour. These mysteries and revelations will challenge your mindsets and your thinking processes. Your heart will be challenged during this season. Do not allow your hearts to become hardened. Do not be confused and question My desires. I will empower you to keep pressing for victory and for your future. I am your Redeemer and I desire to redeem you from your past. Do not allow your vision or hope to be stuck in the narrow place. Press through and you will find yourself in a place of enlargement and great fulfillment."

Allow me to pray for you: Father, I pray for each reader today. I know that it is Your will to bring Heaven to Earth. As Heaven gets closer and miracles become more tangible, the devil gets angrier. I bind the seductive plans of the enemy from every reader. I take authority over his evil words and plans. I bind distress, stress, trauma and pressure which would attempt to hold His children captive. I come into agreement with every Believer and agree that Jezebel, Athaliah and Delilah will not be able to press them out of their destiny. I loose each person into joy and enlargement. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Sandie Freed
Zion Ministries

About Sandie Freed: Sandie co-labors with her husband, Mickey Freed, doing the work of the Lord as a ministry team. Together they serve as the Mid-Southern Regional Directors of the Christian International Network of Churches. In addition, Sandie is the Founder and Director of the School of the Prophets and Apostolic Training Center in Bedford, Texas. Sandie has a passion to minister deliverance and life transformation to God's people. She is also known for her "cutting-edge" prophetic ministry in which she not only hears from the Lord through a powerful prophetic anointing, but also moves very strongly in word of knowledge and miracles. Sandie and Mickey Freed have been married since 1973, and have one daughter.

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