Friday, September 18, 2009

Prepare Yourself!

Mark Chironna:

"Prepare Yourselves! We are About to Step into a New Dimension and Future in the Cloud of Glory"

Prophetic word of the Lord given by Dr. Mark Chironna on Sunday, September 6, 2009 at The Master's Touch International Church in Longwood, Florida:

I hear the Spirit clearly saying, "Prepare yourselves. Prepare yourselves. Something is being released in this season; prepare yourselves." The Holy Spirit is coming in a brand new way; prepare yourself. The visitation of God is coming in a fresh way; prepare yourself. Joshua walked through the camp and said, "Prepare yourself for tomorrow." Saints of God, the Spirit is saying, "Prepare yourself for tomorrow."

We are about to step into a new dimension and future in the cloud of glory. Prepare yourself before God even now. If you need your heart to be cleansed by the Blood, just confess what you need to confess right now. All things are naked and bare before Him with whom we have to do; present your heart to the Father, by the Blood of Jesus. Prepare yourself. The Scripture says that we are to cleanse ourselves of all defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. Beloved, something is coming—we are actually on the threshold of something we have never known or had before. Prepare yourself.

I keep hearing the Spirit cry, "Prepare yourself. Prepare yourself. Prepare yourself." You are crossing a threshold, prepare yourself. There is a tomorrow you could not see but it is dawning now; prepare yourself. Prepare yourself. There is a new manifestation of the power and glory of God, prepare yourself. Heaven is opening; prepare yourself. The rain of the Spirit is going to pour in torrents; prepare yourself. The wonders and signs of the Almighty are coming, prepare yourself.

Ask, Seek and Knock

"For in the declaration and the utterance of My Son, as He listened to My voice on the mountain, He cried out and said to the multitudes, 'Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened.' I have had you on a journey. You have been asking, you have been seeking, you have been knocking and now I would reveal to you that this is a process whereby I wean you away and draw you away from everything you consider familiar, everything you consider understandable. And I have allowed you to go through a period of darkness and even confusion. And you would say, 'God, where are You?'

"And I would remind you that My Son exhorted you to ask, seek and knock; for the process and the progress of your soul when it asks and when it seeks and when it knocks, leads you through a place of radical disorientation. Many would refuse the progress and the process. But it is a spiritual pathway that you must take if you will learn the way of wisdom and the way of power. You say, 'Well God, You promised.'

"I know I promised. I said, 'Ask, seek, knock and you will find.' You say, 'But I have found loss. I have found dispossession. I have found letting go.' And I would say to you that until you dispossess what you have you can never possess what I want to give to you. Until you surrender your understanding, you will never get My wisdom. You would say, 'Lord, what is at the end of this process?'

"And here I would reveal it to you by My Spirit. Through the disorientation, through the season of confusion and disillusionment, I bring you to a place of mystery. I bring you to a place of wonder and I bring you to a place of awe. For there can be no release of what I desire for My people; there can be no manifestation of what I yearn to give My people, except I draw them by their hunger, by their asking, by their seeking, by their knocking.

"I draw them out of the known, out of the familiar, out of the safe, out of the comfortable, out of the place of possessing what they have had into a place of unknown, uncertainty, confusion, disorientation, disillusionment, disappointment; and in that void, in that void, in the place between the letting go and the taking on, I then bring you into the mystery of faith. And there, as I invite you to step across the threshold into the mystery of faith, is something that goes beyond your comprehension and can only be apprehended by your spirit, for I am bringing you to the spirit of faith."

I Am Bringing My Body into the Way of Wonder

"For do you not know the Holy One of Israel, His Holy Spirit is the spirit of faith? And there, when I bring you there out of the darkness, out of the confusion, out of the letting go, out of the dispossessing, I then bring you into the place of wonder. For am I not a God of wonder? Am I not a God of miracles? Am I not a God who manifests His goodness in the midst of conflict and decision? Know this My people, I am bringing My Body into the way of wonder, for I have seen the failings of My people. I have seen the failings of the traditions of men. I have seen the failings of those who would want to maintain the status quo, and it has been My finger that has been toppling these things, both in the nations and in your personal life.

"Fear not. Fear not, neither let your heart be troubled, for what lies ahead is the way of wonder. I am bringing you into the mystery of faith and the way of wonder; prepare yourself. Cleanse your hearts. Cleanse your hands. Let go of what is no longer necessary; let go of what is no longer useful; let go of what does not serve My purpose; let go of your agendas; let go of your presuppositions; let go of your projections; let go of your judgments and surrender, for you are at the threshold. You are at the precipice.

"You are, as it were, standing on a cliff through the darkest of a night only able to see the shadows of that which is in the valley. But now, as the light on the horizon begins to rise and the sun announces the dawning of a new day, the outlines that you saw in the shadows will become the substance of My provision that you see in the light. For I am taking you out of the shadows into the substance and I declare to you, a new day is dawning and the light is rising and I am bringing you into the mystery and the wonder of My glory!"

He that hath an ear to hear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.

Song of the Lord:
Father, let it be
Father let it be
Even unto me
Father let it be.
Spirit, let me see
Spirit, let me see
Even unto me
Spirit, let me see.
Jesus, set me free
Jesus, set me free
Even unto me
Jesus, set me free.
Father, let it be
Father, let it be
Even unto me
Father, let it be.

Dr. Mark J. Chironna
Mark Chironna Ministries

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