Thursday, December 17, 2009

Restoration is on the way in 2010!

Kim Clement:

As You Enter into 2010, I Will Restore Everything the Canker Worm and Grasshopper Has Stolen From You

Prophesied on November 21, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan:

This nation will not remain under the power of the prince of Persia. God is releasing the new source of energy, "And it shall come, it shall appear, it shall manifest in 2010," says the Spirit of God!

"All Over the United States of America Angels Have Been Beckoned"

The Spirit of God says, "Do not think this strange that this presence has come amongst My people, for this shall be a regular attendance. All over the United States of America angels have been beckoned; angels have been beckoned by the warriors that have prayed and praised and the people that have sacrificed. The soil is prepared. You have plowed and the hard soil is finally broken open."

God says, "The angel of the Lord shall come to this nation and visit the churches, visit My church. Do not think it strange tonight that this prophet has spoken it." Now God says, "In the midst of you, angels are warring over you."

I'm hearing these words that are coming out of this place that has opened up and I cannot say them. We are retarded in our speech and we are unqualified because we have become repetitious. And now God is saying, "A brand new language" is being given to His people. "A brand new language is going to be given so that they will have tongues of fire and they will speak a language that is relevant to this generation. A relevancy is coming by the tongues of the preachers, on the tongues of the people, the witness of God."

Prophesied on December 5, 2009 in Seattle, Washington:

The Spirit of the Lord says, "There has been a boundary line. The enemy has said, 'I will not allow you to come any further. You will not take possession.' But Jesus spoke these words: 'Occupy until I come.' There is a territory that has not been taken by any generation. There is a force that has not been brought down by any generation that will be dealt with," says the Lord, "with this generation and in this time. There is a line that he has drawn, your enemy, and said, 'You will go no further.' The Church—did I not tell you that I am building My Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it? Tonight I will break that boundary line. I will break that boundary line," says the Lord, "and give you access!"

"I Will Give You Access to Territories the World is Waiting to Access"

Come to us tonight, Spirit of God. Give us the fire that it will take. Who shall survive the everlasting fires? Who shall survive the burnings and the fires?

For the Spirit of God said, "Those who shake their head and say 'No' to a bribe, those who block their ears to the stories of bloodshed, those who close their eyes to evil, those who walk before the Lord with fear. These are emerging," says the Lord, "therefore, you will survive the fires, for there shall be fires that shall burn, and," God said, "it shall be a sign. For surely there is a baptism coming to My people, a baptism of fire. Some will survive, some will not; but those who survive will revive and set fires and set ablaze, and I will give you access," says the Lord, "to territories that the world is waiting to access, but you will get it before the world gets it," says the Lord.

God says, "As you pray tonight, as you gather together making one sound with one voice, I will open up the heavens. And when the enemy's tried to close the doors, I'm going to open them again." God says, "You're gonna pray, you're gonna pray, you're gonna pray with the prophet tonight. As you pray," says the Lord, "I have opened up the Heavens to you."

God said, "When they light the tree, when the trees are lit and they say, 'There's Christmas,' and they say, 'This is a time of celebrating the Son of God,' they are trying to take away the name of the Son of the living God. They are trying to take away the power of the name of Jesus. But," God said, "just you watch Me now as I make the change tonight."

"I Have Raised Up Four 'Carpenters' from the North, South, East and West"

The Holy Spirit speaks these words: "Seattle, I have not withheld from you. You have survived in a big way. I've told you how the heavenlies are going to be dictated by those that are the saints of the Most High God.

"Four horns that suddenly got to be swiftly entangled; four horns, four attacks: north, south, east, west—they have come against My Church. But," the Spirit of God says, "I have raised up four carpenters; I have raised up four craftsman that will deal with these horns, even the horns of the altar, where they have brought displeasure to the Lord. I will raise up craftsman that will go in and fix it up."

God said, "The problem has come first. The horns speak of principalities that have risen against this nation. They have come, and now they are devouring one another. Now I have raised up four, and that speaks not of four specific—but from the north, and the south, and the east, and the west I have raised up one craftsman for each to deal with it, to take them out.

"Four anointings that deal with the four principalities shall be placed upon your children. Young men, the apostles and the prophets of tomorrow shall deal with the four principalities." God said, "Over the Christmas season I will send a sign to you. There will be a sign in the heavens; there will be a sign that shall come to the earth. I will show Myself in a very strong way, yet invisible to the eye, and yet tangible to others; and these four principalities that have brought curses to the families of the United States, to the governing powers of the United States, to churches in this land and to the economy." The Spirit of God said, "These four are now being dealt with and annihilated," says the Lord, "by the four anointings that I'm releasing upon you tonight," says the Lord!

"There Will Be a Turn to the True Christ"

The word I get is "severing"—He is severing the stronghold of the curses that have come by invitation, by forces in the political powers in the political arena, they have invited them. "And who shall control this nation? Who shall control My children in this nation? Shall it be the powers that be in the political field? No. For God said, "My Church is the ruling power, and I speak not of the system, I speak not of the religious system." The Spirit of God said, "I speak of My Church, the Spirit-filled, redeemed, the Blood-washed. You have a Blood-mark on you," says the Lord. "I purchased you with a price. You are My destiny," says the Lord!

"Who is going to control My children? Who is it that will control what's gonna happen for the youth? Who is it? Though they legislate," God said, "I will break it down. In 2010 there will be a change in the middle of the year, an assassination attempt against your President, which I will cause to hold back three groups that shall rise up. But," the Spirit of God said, "I will be merciful. Then there will be changes in the man's heart, huge changes. There will be a turn to the true Christ, not the false Christ; not the false Christ, the true Christ!

"Liberals will say, 'We are in danger; we are in danger of such a change. Even his countenance has changed, even his eyes have changed.'" God said, "Who do you think that I am? I am the One who can take kings and turn them around by the scruff of their neck. I have the hook that I placed in many kings' mouths and caused them to go into insanity because of their disobedience.

"It shall not be so for this nation I created and brought into existence for My purpose and for My destiny," says the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God said, "I am listening to the rejoicing of My people. For this nation has come to a place of intolerance of Christ because of the system that has misrepresented Him. That system is being crippled," says the Lord, "annihilated. Every kingdom that can be shaken will be shaken."

"As You Enter 2010, I Will Restore Everything that the Canker Worm Has Taken Away"

God said, "The corruption that you have felt, the fear that you have had because of the predictions of a long year of recession, have I not laughed at that and showed you that could not happen? When this prophet prophesied that Ford Motor Company would not go down, it would be a sign to America that I will salvage its heritage. And I will take cars from this nation and I will send them throughout the earth, and you will be known as America the great again.

And God said, "This that has brought fear to your lives," God said, "I will change it over the season. How? It will begin to change over the season." And the Lord says, "As you enter into 2010, I will restore everything that the canker worm has taken away, everything that the grasshopper has stolen from you." God said, "This restoration shall manifest quicker than before. Therefore rejoice tonight! You are My portion," says the Lord.

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions

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