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Time of the Raven Has Come to an End

Kim Clement:

"The Time of the Raven Has Come to an End. America, Three New Storehouses Have Opened Up"

Prophesied on March 13, 2009 - Nashville, Tennessee:

Kim Clement''I'm Going to Diversify"

The Spirit of Christ is upon this nation. There is a resurrection that is about to take place. There is a whole new sway that's going to happen. Churches that once were megachurches will be nothing, because there is going to be a dispersing, a dispersing. You see God required the Church to disperse.

When the people got together at the tower of Babel, they were trying to build into the air a castle, so that everybody would be under one roof. But God told Adam and Eve that His chosen were to go throughout the earth and to spread abroad, to multiply, to fill the earth, to subdue it. But suddenly they were all hovered together and instead of going out, they went up, a religious spirit. That's what it does. It builds you under one roof to keep you all to think the same, talk the same language—when God loves diversity.

God loves it when you are diverse and when you are different in your culture and your language and your presentation. But religion requires you all to act the same, to all preach the same, to all dance the same if they allow you to do that—all praise the same, all believe exactly the same thing.

And so what God does when this begins to happen, He sends and disperses. And what He does is, He brings confusion. Well, the Bible says that God is not the author of confusion. No, He brings it to disperse. What He did at the tower was He said, "they imagined that they will make this thing into Heaven and whatever they imagine they will do." The power of the imagination. He said whatever they imagine they will do. And the power of imagination is what the world has grasped and the Church has rejected.

We don't imagine anymore. We don't imagine the great moves of the Spirit. We don't imagine the great possessions that we could have for the Kingdom of God. What is wrong with us? Why are we so afraid like Elijah to get up to that mountain and face the prophets of Baal and the politicians of Baal and say, "You watch what my God can do; you can do what you want, but I'm going to show you something greater." I want you to know that's about to happen in these United States.

A religious spirit has entered into this nation wanting everybody to be religiously the same. And God says, "I'm going to diversify. I'm going to send you a change so that things will split and go different ways so we'll have many, many groups that have many, many expressions and the Church will grow and grow and grow in their different areas."

The tower of Babel—He came along and He took away their language. And He gave them languages. They had one language, it was the language of the spirit, and with that language they brought terror, only one idea, so dangerous. And so suddenly they were dispersed. One was speaking in Italian, the other one was speaking French, Hungarian, etc. And they couldn't understand and eventually they dispersed and nations came.

"There is a Dispersing Taking Place"

Thousands of years later on the Day of Pentecost, God decided to take that one language that had been removed and all the nations that had been dispersed on that day at the tower of Babel, were suddenly all in that one place, and God said, "I'm giving back to My people the power and the language to prophesy, to speak out, to create, to protect." Suddenly they were gathered together, the power of the Spirit fell on them and the fire of God hit them, and they all began to speak in other languages as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Suddenly there was something relevant that was happening. All the nations began to gather around them and say, "What are you saying? You are speaking in my language; I understand what he is saying." And they all began to understand suddenly. Why? Because God took that power language and gave it back to us so we could speak out and literally prophesy and bring the future into the now and disperse of our enemies. It's the power that God gave to us right from the beginning.

"There is a dispersing taking place in this nation. Churches that have all stood up proud," God said, "They will suddenly become nothing, but the people will not become nothing." You see the Ark of the Covenant, when David went to get it, they put it on a cart, and the oxen drove the Ark of the Covenant. You cannot drive the move of the Spirit—the presence of God. You cannot drive a revival; you cannot drive any kind of move of God; it is not driven; it has to be carried. It cannot be driven. So suddenly a man dies, things go wrong, so David puts the Ark of the Covenant in somebody's house and it stays in their backyard at somebody's house. And that guy gets to be blessed.

And then David says, "Why is he being blessed and nobody else?" And God said, "Okay, you can go there now and you can take the Ark of the Covenant up to the holy hill of Zion." And so he takes it out of the backyard and puts it on a mountain. God says, "I'm moving something beautiful out of everybody's backyard and I'm putting it onto the mountain so that everybody can enjoy what you and I are enjoying in this place."

Prophesied on March 14, 2009 - Nashville, Tennessee:

The Raven's Time Has Come to an End

For the Spirit of the Lord says, "The raven shall no longer feed the eagle. Even as the raven fed Elijah so the raven has fed the eagle (America)—given it energy but stolen from its dignity, so I'm speaking tonight of this nation," says the spirit of the lord. "They have said, 'You'll never be free from the raven who brings you your energy; brings you your sustenance.'" But God says, "The raven's time has come to an end. The time of the raven has come to an end."

The Spirit of God says, "They have leeched off you; they have sucked from you your dignity. Now they say, 'Look at them as they have no economy. Look at them as they have entered a time of famine; shall they rely upon us?'" God says, "NO! The time of the raven has come to an end. America three new storehouses have opened up. Three new storehouses have opened up." Hear the voice of God as He cries out to you tonight.

"The nation shall hear this word. They say, 'What is this of the raven?' The raven is an omnivorous bird that steals from its own, that feeds off dead bodies, and takes from those of their own kind." For God says, "The raven has taken from you, it has plucked from your death, and it has won victories because of your death."

The Spirit of the Lord says, "Hear tonight, as the prophetic voice comes and the secrets of God are made known, three storehouses have opened up for this nation. They were locked and they have been locked since the time of Daniel," says the Lord. "They have been locked since the time of Daniel," but now God says, "I've given the keys to the angels of the Lord. For even as Elijah said to his servant as they were surrounded by the army, 'Those that are with us are far greater than those who are against us,'" so the Spirit of the Lord says, "God that is with you is greater than those who are against you. Three new storehouses have opened up for this nation."

"There Shall Be a Key that I Will Give"

God says, "When they open up your vats shall flow with new wine and oil. Your storehouses shall be filled with wheat. You will eat in plenty and I the Lord your God am in the midst of you and because of that, America shall not be brought to shame, but I will place you in a place of honor.

"Pray," says the Spirit of God. "Pray. Why have I sent My prophet to Nashville? Because there are those that have stood firm that the Lord has not forsaken us; the Lord is not going to judge us. There are prophets standing in the midst of the warriors that understand the secrets of the Most High God. For God will do nothing until He shares His secrets with His servants the prophets."

God says, "The three storehouses that are about to open will wipe the slate and there shall be a key that I will give. The governors of this country shall say, 'This cannot be.' The corruption shall suddenly be brought to the fore," for God says, "I'm about to expose and even as there will be three storehouses there will be three corruptions that I will expose."

The Spirit of the Lord says, "There shall be a great wind that will blow that shall come upon the midst of this nation. This wind that shall blow, the people shall say, 'We've never had a wind like this before.'" The Spirit of God says, "This shall not be wind of destruction, but this shall be wind as a sign that comes from the Spirit because the Lord is in the wind," says God.

You're not in trouble; they're telling you you're in trouble. God has a plan for this nation. There is a spirit of resilience that is upon the people of God. The resilience that I speak about is the ability to recover rapidly. There's a rapid recovery that is taking place. You better hear the voice of the Lord because God says, "If you hear it and you believe it and speak it out, I will bring it upon your house even as I brought it upon the woman at Zaraphat," says the Lord. "The three corruptions that I will bring out will mark a period in America's history. They will say, 'Even because of that something great happened.'"

"I Will Bring Forth a New Aroma and
a New Era"

Oh north wind, would you blow and even south wind, would you blow? For our desire is the warmth of the south, but God says, "The north wind, which is cold, comes upon the garden and His people to bring forth the sweet spices and the sweet scents and aromas. This is what is happening, for do not despise the north wind, for this shall blow and it shall come and the people shall say, 'Alas, we are doomed.'" But God says, "NO, for out of this pain I will bring great, great joy. Even as I spoke of Job, My servant, so your latter shall be greater than your former.

"Even as I send the former rain, so I will send the latter rain as well. The latter rain that comes shall bring the portion you have prayed for, the portion that Lou Engle has prayed for, the portion that TheCall has prayed for, the portion that men and women have cried out to God—I have not turned My ear from you. Therefore America, the north wind comes to blow upon the garden of this nation, and because you have called, I will bring forth a new aroma and a new era and My Church shall rise up into victory."

Kim Clement
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