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The Red Sea Parting

Eileen Fisher:
God Says, "You Are About to See Me Part the Red Sea Once Again"

The following prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on March 3, 2009 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Eileen FisherThe Lord says, "I am not the God of forgetfulness, but I am an eternal, covenant keeping God. I am an eternal God, the beginning and the end. I have called My own by name. I have numbered and held the stars in My hand. I have kept the universe in balance. My strength is still flowing through you, My people; My strength is still flowing through the land; and My strength is still flowing through your households.

"For There is a New Move Coming Over the Face of the Earth"

"Even when you don't see My hand, trust My spirit. Do not be like those who followed, chasing sign after sign after sign and missing My very presence. For I would say unto you, I long for fellowship. I long for fellowship. I long for you to be in My presence.

"For there is a new move coming over the face of the earth," says the Lord your God. "There will be stillness like you have never experienced. You will even see people on a platform who will be stunned because they will not know what to say because of what I do. You are about to see My agenda being released on the earth in a new way.

"You are about to see Me part the Red Sea once again. But this time it will be different. This time I will come in and part evil from good and good from evil. For that was the purpose for the crossing over of the Red Sea. For they had to leave back the evil things and go forth into the land of milk and honey. You will know this move and you will feel this move. Even in your households I will begin to expose things. Idols will be brought forth, but only to be broken.

"For you are moving into a season where curses have been ruling and reigning. You are going to see them flipped over and move into a season of blessings. You are going to cry out, 'Our God reigns.' You will call forth the agreement that I have been seeking the earth to and fro for, saying, 'Who will believe and wait for the hand of the Lord?'

"For I say unto you, you are a Believers group. Believe, for that is what you are called. Believe, for that is what I ask of you. Believe, for that frustrates the plans of the enemy. Believe, for that causes your faith to rise up. Believe, for that sends the enemy running and scattering, and you'll receive the guidance of My Spirit," says the Lord your God.

"But if any man lacks wisdom, did I not say that I will give it to you?" He says, "Tonight, wisdom is being dropped into your spirits." He says, "Tonight, wisdom is the gift that is being placed in your spirit heart. For you will have decisions made in the knowing of your spirit man, that you will have discernment in the working of My Spirit, for you will no longer work beside My Spirit.

"You Are Going to See the Marriage of the Spirit and the Word Come Back with Faith"

"I am raising up an army who will become radical," says the Lord. "For they will be Spirit-led people, and their Body would be one of restraint. For now, it is the Body who is trying to restrain the Spirit, for you will see that flip," says the Lord your God.

"But you do not understand that some who have been in caves, I am saying to them to come out of that cave, come out of that dead, cold thinking. Come out of that which would only give life, now move into that which would promise the life. For others would say come here for this is life, only to find out that it was a different kind of life than that of My Word," says the Lord your God. "For My Word is alive, and My Word is active, and My Word is true. You are going to see the marriage of the Spirit and the Word come back with faith like you have never seen before.

"Things will get darker around you. Do not, and I say again do not look at circumstances, but walk on top of them in the Spirit. For if you learn this lesson well, you will understand dominion and you will understand what it means to rule and reign in Christ Jesus, not beside Me but in Me because My Spirit is in you," says the Lord your God.

"Long to be controlled by My Spirit for He longs to control you that My Kingdom come and My will be done. That the earth may know and all who live that Jesus Christ not only died but rose again as an everlasting Intercessor. Know that your Redeemer does live and you'll begin to know Me as your Redeemer," says the Lord your God.

Eileen Fisher
Eileen Fisher Ministries


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