Thursday, November 12, 2009

Watch, and protect the portal

Chuck D. Pierce:

"A Prophecy: Come and See! Help is There!"

Dear "Seeing" Saints:

We had a great service recently at Glory of Zion. When Joe Askins was speaking, the Lord showed me how, during this Thanksgiving month, that we could help people. My message was "Come and See!" The prophecy below will encourage you. Also read 2 Kings 4.

Come and See—A PROPHECY:

"I am pulling YOU up and out of YOU! You have become too internalized. You are limiting your vision by looking within yourself. I AM showing you how the heavens rejoice in Me. I am pulling you up out of what you see and showing you how the heavens rejoice in Me. Come and celebrate with the Hosts of Heaven in a way you have never celebrated before. Rise into a place of celebration. If you will come up and dance with the Hosts of Heaven and enter in with Me, the majestic God of the stars, I can cause the wars of the earth to realign with My majestic course I have for the nations of the earth.

"Come up! Come up! Over the nation of the United States, I showed the stars that were flying. You sing of the stars, but come up and dance with the stars. You sing of your patriotism, but come up into a place of freedom that you will be secure with Me. See Me! See Me!

"In the fields where you are waiting, you keep waiting and you keep looking at the sheep you are tending, but it is the stars and the expression of the heavens that will surprise you. Fear not! Come up in that place where the announcement is forming and I will draw near to you in the field that you are longing to break through. Your eyes have grown dim looking at the harvest of your field. You have grown familiar with your surroundings. Come up and have renewed eyes for the harvest.

"I Am God of the Harvest. If you will see the harvest the way I see the harvest going into this new season, you will enter EACH harvest time with a renewed expectation. Come up where you can hear the sounds of the budding of the fruit for the next season. Harvest and budding sounds are already beginning to happen in the heavens.

"Come up, and you will hear the sounds of what is budding forth for you. Come up, and you will be able to see where the ground is breaking open. Come up where the bells of change are already ringing. Come up, and you will hear the sound of the changes before these changes rearrange your way. Come up, and you will become My change agent in the earth.

"Let Me Pack Your Bags and Show You What to Take for this Next Season"

"Come up, and you will hear where the nations are changing. You won't be confused over which nations I AM seeing. I have an inheritance of the nations. In your view, you believe your nation is the leading nation of change. Come up, and you will see the nations in which I am effecting change that will produce a domino effect in My inheritance.

"Before I formed you, I knew you. While I was forming you in the womb, I was causing you to be able to rise up and see Me. Know that I formed you to go before the changes of the earth. Come up! I have already sanctified you. In your striving to be pure, come up into My purity and you will hear. You will say, 'Now I can lead nations in knowing God's grace and purity.'

"Let Me pack your bags and show you what to take for this next season. Come up, for I have called you to be a leader of this change structure. The heavens are changing. Come up into the change of the heavens. I have put My word deep within you and I have caused My word to begin to form. Come up with Me and begin to deliver that word in the heavenly realm so you can run before the pack of the earth in the earth this day.

"Prepare your eyes! You will see some things you have not seen before. Prepare your eyes, for you will begin to see Me. I have a face and I have hands. I have a heart bigger than any land. You look at the lands and you do not see My heart. You do not see how My heart is beating the sound of change for your life and land from Heaven.

"You will say, 'But Lord, I can't speak, for I'm not sure of what to say.' If you will come up, the words will begin to permeate through your skin, through your emotions. My heart is bigger for you than you know. If you will come up and see Me face to face, you will begin to see and feel My word beginning to form through all your being. You will speak to your family. You will speak to a person on the street and they will change immediately, for you will wear Heaven's realm and you will speak Heaven's heart and you will be filled and your mouth will express an atmosphere that you are not walking in now."

Anne Tate then prophesied, "As you come up, you will dance with My words around you. Revelation will surround you and lift you from your powerless state of mind. My words will surround you in such a way as it does the stars. For I AM the God of the stars. My mouth causes the stars to stay in their courses and do My assigned will. As you ascend in Me, I'm sending My words as a wreath around you. You will dance with My word. You will be full of My word. You will release the things that you are hearing in that atmosphere. You will cause that portal and that atmosphere to open over everyone you are around. Watch, and protect the portal that is developing over you."

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

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