Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dare to Believe!

There is no question that we are in a season of challenge and opportunity. The Spirit of the Lord is brooding over areas that have been laying dormant in the deepest parts of our souls and spirits. Understanding the workings of the Spirit and cooperating with Him in such seasons is something we all desire to do and do more effectively.

In seasons of change and transition, where we face uncertainties and the unknown, we are invited to cross thresholds that we have never crossed before. While some may tend to deny it, anxiety can run high in seasons of uncertainty, and negative emotions can surge through us in torrents and cause us to experience a certain amount of pressure that we aren't quite sure we can handle.

Yet, we need to learn how to encourage ourselves in the Lord in such seasons and cultivate the gentle spirit of child-like trust in the goodness of God and move forward in the measure of faith He has apportioned to us.

Something Awesome is Afoot in the Heavenlies

I am persuaded that many of God's dear saints, who are deeply sold out to the move of God and the goings of God, have endured a protracted season of tests, fiery trials and even strange ordeals. I am also persuaded that we are coming into a time and season where we will begin to see clusters of divine confirmations as we keep moving forward. All of us realize that we "walk by faith" and not by sight; and at the same time, all of us long for meaningful confirmations in our circumstances, our spirits, our minds and imaginations, and our dreams.

When you have endured a long season of seeming "silence" in your own personal walk, while the Lord has indeed been speaking in the larger arena, it is comforting to know that there is coming a time where, having trusted Him while HE remained silent, you can trust Him indeed when He once again begins to speak to the steps you are taking.

The Spirit of the Lord moved on me recently and gave me an utterance that I want to share with you in obedience, as well as give you hope. I pray that if you are one of the many who have found yourself in a season of transition, uncertainty and testing, that this word will serve to offer you assurance and hope that something significant is taking place in your life, and you are on the verge of getting some keen insights into the journey you have been on.

Something awesome is afoot in the heavenlies and is destined to manifest in the earthly arena in your life in short order! This is a season in which the Lord is going to reveal "Hidden Treasures" deep within the hearts and spirits of His elect.

God says, "They have been buried below layers of debris in their souls, which I am now cleansing and healing in order that they can more readily recognize the leading of My Spirit in their lives.

"I will not leave undone what has gotten them stuck in ruts. I will not leave unclear what has left them without solutions and resolutions to their crisis. I will not leave their unanswered questions unanswered, because I will give them their meat in due season. I will heal them at a deeply, spiritual level, as well as at a level of their emotional well-being.

"I will cause them to see Me in places where they have failed to recognize Me. And like a faithful brook, whose waters never fail and are always certain, I will make their souls like a well-watered garden and I will feed them with the abundance of My riches from My storehouse.

"I will bring peace and closure to events that they have endured for which they have felt left wounds in them. These are the things I will do and I will not leave them undone."

I am persuaded by the Holy Spirit that you are right now entering into a memorial season, not a holiday, but a season in God. And I declare to you by the Spirit, that you are about to have stuff pop up in your memory that you do not even know is in your memory, and it is going to lead you to a place in your destiny that you have been waiting for. All you have got to do is say, "Yes!"

"In this Season, I Am Stirring the Pot"

There is an impartation coming for the recognition of synchronicity, meaningful coincidences, open doors. You are in that season. Clusters of events are about to happen on your behalf to confirm you are in the flow of God. His hand is on you, whatever generation you are in—whether you are fifteen or fifty, five or ninety-five—there is a cluster of events that is waiting. There is an anointing in a new dimension. You are on your way. You are going to find your connections. You are going to find your brothers.

"In this season, I am stirring the pot," says the Spirit of Grace. "Not the pot of the nation, that I am doing because I am God, but I am stirring the pot—the cauldron at the depths of your spirit—the place where passion will once again boil and motivation will once again run over the brim. Deep within the pot, I have hidden stew to feed you in this hour of lack.

"Your provision is not without, your provision is within, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and My Spirit is stirring the pot and bringing to the surface good gifts that I have hidden inside you that are awaiting emancipation, that are awaiting manifestation, and I will bring you into clusters of events in this season that will match what is being stirred up inside you.

"And when you see without, what you already possess within, know that the day is upon you for the fulfillment of the next season you are moving into, in destiny. Pay careful attention to what I am stirring up in your dreams, to what I am stirring up in your imagination, to what I am stirring up in your heart, for I am stirring the pot and the aroma will attract what you need."

"Pay Attention to the Signposts"

"For there is a sweet fragrance of Christ that will begin to emanate from you in a brand new way of expression, and it will touch the hunger that is in the multitudes, for they are in the valley of decision and they wrestle, for they do not know either their destiny or their Destiner.

"But I have placed within you the key to unlock the door to their knowing Me. And I am going to first complete the work in you so that you can activate the work in them. Move in a greater level of trust and operate in the faith I have placed within you. For as the Lord your God, I will lead you into well-watered gardens where your soul will be renewed, refreshed and restored.

"Pay attention to the signposts, for they are the meaningful coincidences that I bring you through to let you know that this is Me. This is Me. This is Me. These are the things I will do," saith the Lord, "and I will not leave them undone for this is a season of the acceleration of momentum and the beginning of small that leads to large miracles.

"Despise not the small miracles. If you will celebrate them, they will get bigger. Begin where you are. Take the next easiest step of faith and discover that what is being stirred up in you is about to be manifest in the events of your life," saith the Spirit of Grace.

"Dare to Believe..."

God says, "In times past, a select few would hear the word of their God and believe it and enter in. In times past, a select few would access the realm of the supernatural and discover My goodness in that arena. In past seasons not the majority, but the minority, seemed to be the favored few—this was not so from Heaven's perspective. Rather, there were only a few that had the courage and the grace to believe I could do it."

But hear now the word of Thy God, "For now I am moving My entire Body from a state of uncertainty to a state of certainty, from a place of unbelief to a place of being persuaded that I am good and there will be wholesale manifestation of My goodness, of My glory and of My power.

• Dare to believe there is a miracle for you.
• Dare to believe there is the impossible ordained for you.
• Dare to believe I am walking in your footsteps.
• Dare to believe I am moving through your mind.
• Dare to believe I am moving through your voice.

"And you will discover that the miracle you thought you never would get will come in seasons that you least expect and that season is upon you," saith the Lord.

If you believe that this is going to be a "summer of miracles," say the following:

"I decree that in this season of life, I will not be left out. I am included in the outpouring of God's favor and miraculous provision. Something is turning loose deep inside me and will manifest in the natural, not many days from now. This is my season to build a memorial unto God for His glory. I shall decree a thing and it shall be established in the name of Jesus."

Dr. Mark J. Chironna
Mark Chironna Ministries


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