Friday, June 26, 2009

Love! Love! Love!

Dear Victorious Ones:

Please read the prophecy below! Without prophetic revelation we perish!

The Spirit of the Lord is saying: "Many of you see the change ahead but are not sure that you have the strength to make the change. But I am a God who can cause a joy to rise in you. Begin to praise as you release the last of your strength to Me, and I will come down and empower you in a new, unexpected way.

"You need new strength to establish your new nest. I have eggs for the future that must be hatched and must be sat upon. I have revelation that must be released that will hatch out. I give you the strength now to sit on the nest and wait for My empowerment before you rise to move forward."

"I Am Causing Things That Have Been Stored Deep in Your Spirit to Come Alive"

"I am going to bring a vision to you that will show you things that you have prayed for that have not been completed. You will say, 'Lord, why am I seeing that?' You will be seeing what you are seeing because now you will have the strength to see. Many details and vision have been waiting for you to see.

"I am causing things that have been stored deep in your spirit to come alive. You will say, 'Why am I having that vision?' It is because I am giving you the strength to see things that you once prayed about to come into their fullness. This vision will give you the faith to pray again.

"I am releasing a spiritual wind from Heaven. Today, I speak into the earth. Breathe in this spiritual wind. There is a stirring deep within you. Breathe in this spiritual wind that I might stir deep within. Breathe in My supernatural wind that I might stir deep within and cause vision that you have waited to see manifest before you. Breathe in My wind, for I am sending a wind from Heaven.

"This is a sovereign, supernatural wind. You have endured the heat of the moment and the season. Now the spiritual wind is coming. Breathe in that spiritual wind. Breathe in My wind. Let it carry you. Breathe in My wind. Let it lift you up. You will see and know the course you need. The wind is causing the trees of the forest to bind and open up the way you will go. Breathe in this spiritual wind. It is unlocking that which you have longed to see."

"I'm Sending a Wind Deep Within and It Pleases Me to Awaken My Love"

"Breathe in the wind, that it might unlock that which has not been stirred. Now is the time for stirring My love. Your course has been set. Your course has been unlocked. Breathe in My wind of My love. Breathe in My wind of love.

"You have prevailed for this course, but until now, the time to unlock was not. I have not felt pleased to stir the love. You have been trying to stir My love and muster up your vision. Now I am sending a wind that will realign and restore and awaken the eggs that you have been sitting on. I am sending a wind to create a nest and blow one old nest that you have been sitting on away and give you a new nest to sit on. I'm sending a wind deep within and it pleases Me to awaken My love."

LeAnn Squier Released in Song:

It couldn't be by might or by power.
It had to be by the wind of My Spirit.
It couldn't be by your might.
It couldn't be by your power.
It had to be by the wind of My Spirit.

I had to breathe on your rivers.
It had to be Me that blew on your flame.
It had to be My wind.
My wind awakens the dawn.
My wind contends with the darkness of night
until the day breaks open.
My wind awakens the dawn and puts the darkness to flight.

All of creation awakens to the sound of My breeze.
Trust in, rely upon and lean into My wind.
Let it carry you.
Trust in, rely upon and lean into My wind.

Your loss has caused your love to dwindle through the season of the past.
But hear what I say to You.
You will bear My fruit again.
It will multiply in the season you are now in.
It pleases Me to awaken now.

There is an awakening wind of Heaven that is coming
To overcome in the atmosphere that you have been prevailing against.
Now My awakening wind is coming in.
My awakening wind will now contend.
I am being pleased to send an awaking wind that will contend."

John Dickson Released in Song:

I have drawn you to My chamber.
Now the winter is past.
I am sending My wind to awaken you.
Come away, My beloved.
The winter has past and the spring winds have come.
Come away, My beloved.

I am blowing the smoke from the battlefield.
I am blowing the darkness away.
I am blowing the smoke from the battlefield.
And I am blowing in My light.
Let there be light!
Let there be light!
Let there be light!

That which was swirling around your head
And blocking your vision—I am blowing it away.
Now you will see clearly, for My path is lighting up before you.

"I Put a Call Deep Within You When I Formed You in the Womb"

"You are like Jacob who struggled and felt cheated. Now My wind is coming and that creative idea will multiply. That path will form. I will allow you to see things that you asked Me to see. I will give you signs that things you prayed for are awakening. It will be like spring in the midst of summer. Religious forces contended with you and you lost many battles in your contending. Because you're still here, I'm sending an awakening wind that will contend.

"I put a call deep within you when I formed you in the womb. You said, 'Lord what was my purpose?' You tried this path and that path and another path. Now the awakening wind that will contend is coming to blow on you again. You will say, 'Now I see why I was positioned here. Now I see how I was captured and I endured.' You will see the awakening wind.

"It pleases Me to send this wind that will awaken My love. It pleases Me now to send My wind that will awaken My love within you again. You have contended with My word and you have sought My Spirit, but now I will awaken My love."

"You Will Shout, 'Awakening Has Come!'"

"You have depleted a storehouse in your waiting. But in the depletion of this storehouse you have obeyed Me. In your obeying of giving up and enduring, giving away, and not holding back, I will now reward you and even the world around you will bless you in new ways. It will be hard for you to receive the blessings that this awakening wind is blowing. I am blowing My awakening wind that will contend and cause your love to come alive.

"Many are waiting for this awakening to come. Many are in a slumber from their hurts from the past season. In the slumber from the hurts and wounds from the enemy, you will now rise up with new strength. You will enter into a place that you could not enter into in the last season.

"Now you will rise up and mount up. You will come from behind. You will lay on My love and My bed of love wind will cause you to enter in. You will shout, 'Awakening has come!' I have saved you for this time of awakening. My wind will contend and My love will come alive in you again."

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


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